Multimedia Software for Windows (Page 5)

All the software you need to install on your PC to be able to watch and make the most of any multimedia video or audio file on your Windows computer

SPlayer English

Watch videos with this free lightweight player

MVS Player Pro 5.60.12 English
MVS Player Pro 5.60.12

Complete video player with a wide range of integrated codecs

Free Audio to Flash Converter 5.0.30 English

Upload your audio files to the Internet easily

Free Video to MP3 Converter English

Extract a video's audio to an MP3 file

Free DVD Video Converter English

Convert your DVDs to any video format

Total Video Player 1.31 English

A player compatible with almost all video and audio formats

Kantaris Media Player 0.7.9 English

The most promising alternative to Windows Media Player

WinLAME 2019 English
WinLAME 2019

Coder to convert audio at the speed of light

3GP Player 2013 English

This simple player is designed specifically to play 3GP formats

MP3Resizer 2.2.1 English
MP3Resizer 2.2.1

Save space reducing the size of your MP3 files

Quick Media Converter English

Multiformat converter with many options

SMPlayer 19.1.0 English
SMPlayer 19.1.0

A complete multimedia player with advanced options

Free FLV Converter 7.3.0 English

Download videos from the Internet and convert them to the format of your choice

MediaPortal 2.2.3 English

Turn your PC into a complete multimedia center

AutoLyrix 0.6.2 English
AutoLyrix 0.6.2

View the songs lyrics while you listen to music

Open Video Converter 3.3 English

Convert all sorts of video files to AVI

Songbird 2.2.0 English
Songbird 2.2.0

Manage and play your music with this player based on Firefox

Free 3GP Video Converter English

Prepare your videos and films to watch them on your phone

MPCStar 6.2 English
MPCStar 6.2

Compact multimedia player for video and audio

Crystal Player 1.99 English

Multimedia player with lots of advanced settings

Ultra MP4 Video Converter 6.1.1208 English

Convert video files to different formats

TMPGEnc Xpress English
TMPGEnc Xpress

A powerful video editor with hundreds of options

BSplayer 2.74 English
BSplayer 2.74

Versatile multimedia player for audio and video files

MP3 Codec 4.71.514.0 English
MP3 Codec 4.71.514.0

Always keep the best audio codec up to date

Apex 0.0.10 English
Apex 0.0.10

Plugin with the best audiovisual content in Kodi

Wolf Pack 7.6 English

A Kodi add-on with series, movies and cartoons

Leviathan 2.3 English

The best series and movies for free on this Kodi add-on

Locutus 3.1 English
Locutus 3.1

Kodi add-on for enjoyng movies and series for free

Kratos Reborn 1.0.1 English

A Kodi add-on with movies, TV series and documentaries for free

METV 1.1.5 English
METV 1.1.5

Kodi add-on with movies, series and documentaries

Yoda 1.2.0 English
Yoda 1.2.0

Kodi Add-on to enjoy series and movies for free

Borg 2.1.1 English
Borg 2.1.1

Kodi add-on for watching movies and TV series for free

The Red Queen 5.1 English

Add-on for watching series, movies and live TV on Kodi

Kingdom 1.1.3 English
Kingdom 1.1.3

Access a catalog of movies and series on Kodi

Uranus English

Watch movies and TV series for free

Numbers English

Movies and TV series on Kodi

Grease Lightning 4.17 English

Enjoy the best movies and TV series on Kodi

Cryptonite 1.6 English

Add-on for Kodi to watch movies and series for free

Laplaza 1.0.17 English
Laplaza 1.0.17

An add-on for enjoying series, movies, radio and TV on Kodi

Nemesis AIO 2.00.012 English
Nemesis AIO 2.00.012

An add-on with cartoons, series, music and radio