Software to download music on Windows

Download all your favorite songs and albums in MP3 format thanks to this great compilation of software to download music to Windows computers

Spotydl 0.9.37 English
Spotydl 0.9.37

Program to download music from Spotify

Songr 2.1 Build 2018-01-07 English
Songr 2.1 Build 2018-01-07

App to search for and download music

DeezLoader Remix 4.4.1 English
DeezLoader Remix 4.4.1

Download songs from Deezer

Speed MP3 Downloader English

Download MP3 files from the Internet

Simple Mp3 Downloader English

An efficient application to download music in MP3

Free Music Downloader 2.45 English

Download music in MP3 from different web services

iMusic 2.0.12 English
iMusic 2.0.12

Download music and transfer it to your smartphone

MP3 Free Downloader English

Program to download music on Windows

Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom 1.0.9 English

Download music straight from YouTube

MP3jam English

Program to download music for free in MP3 format

KeepVid Music 8.2.4 English

Efficient program to download free music

SMLoadr 1.23.0 English
SMLoadr 1.23.0

The most sober looking app to download songs from Deezer

Spytify 1.8 English
Spytify 1.8

Download songs from Spotify in MP3

Notmp3 Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 1.1.0 English

Extract the audio from YouTube videos in a matter of seconds

AnyMusic 7.0.0 English
AnyMusic 7.0.0

Discover music and download it to your PC for free

Music Download Center 0.6 Beta English

Search for, download and share music from a single application

Tuneskit 2.1.0 English
Tuneskit 2.1.0

Download songs from Spotify and listen to them without an internet connection

Songr 2.1 Build 2018-01-07 English
Songr Portable 2.1 Build 2018-01-07

Download songs from your favorte bands wherever you go

GrooveDown 0.90 English

Download your favorite songs from GrooveShark

Music Frost 3.3 English

Find and download your favorite songs

Downtify Pro 2.1 English
Downtify Pro 2.1

Download your favorite music from Internet

GrooveJaar 1.0.4 English
GrooveJaar 1.0.4

Download music from Grooveshark for free

SciLor's Grooveshark Downloader 0.7.2 English

Download files from one of the most important music sites

Music MP3 Get English
Music MP3 Get

Download your favorite music with this great application

Manolito 3.1.1 English
Manolito 3.1.1

Share and download music in a quick and anonymous manner

FreeMP3Get 1.0.1 English
FreeMP3Get 1.0.1

Download music from YouTube to your computer in MP3 format totally free

TuneGet 4.5.4 English
TuneGet 4.5.4

Download all the music you want to your PC

MySpace Grab 1.0.0 English

Grab the music you want from MySpace

Mediaraptor 11.0.55900.0 English
Mediaraptor 11.0.55900.0

Listen to music from different sources