Network Tools for Windows (Page 4)

All the essential tools and utilities to be able to work with computer networks can be found in our category of network software for Windows PCs

IP Hider 4.95 English
IP Hider 4.95

Browse the Internet with total anonymity

IP Sniffer English
IP Sniffer

Utility pack to analyze networks

Mercury/32 4.80 English

Configure an mail server on your PC

Anyplace Control English

Work with several computers simultaneously and without configurations

FreeProxy 4.10.1751 English
FreeProxy 4.10.1751

Manage how the computers on your network share the Internet

DynSite 1.13 English
DynSite 1.13

Automatically updates your dynamic IP, very useful for dynamic Internet connections

MobaXterm 20.2 English
MobaXterm 20.2

A toolbox for remote programming

NetSpeedMonitor English

Measure your Internet speed

Nmap 7.70 English
Nmap 7.70

Easily audit your local network

CommView 6.5.770 English
CommView 6.5.770

Measure your Wi-Fi network's traffic

EMCO WakeOnLan 2.0.4 English

Wake up any computer on your network

Boingo Wi-Finder 5.7.0191 English

Connect to free wireless networks

Vistumbler 10.6.4 English
Vistumbler 10.6.4

Wi-Fi network detector compatible with Vista and Windows 7

NetWorx 6.2.4 English
NetWorx 6.2.4

Monitor and generate reports of your Internet connection

OpenSSH 3.8p1 English
OpenSSH 3.8p1

Control your PC remotely in a secure manner

Quick'n Easy Mail Server 3.3 English

A simple mail server with a great appearance

Baby Web Server 2.7.2 English

Webpage server with support for ASP

Bluetooth Remote Control 4.01 English

Remote control for your computer

WS_FTP Server 2018.0.0 English
WS_FTP Server 2018.0.0

Powerful and high quality FTP server

Angry IP Scanner 3.5.5 English

Scan both IPs and port ranges

Sambar Server 7.0 English

Turn your computer into a web server

VisualRoute Business Edition 2010 14.0L English
VisualRoute Business Edition 2010 14.0L

Network diagnostics tool

NetLimiter English

Control the use of your bandwidth

Remote Computer Manager 6.1.0 English

Control other computer's remotely

Advanced Onion Router English

Browse the web anonymously with this Tor client

Find MAC Address 6.5.225 English

A simple way to find out MAC addresses

Bobup Scanner 2.1.9 English

LAN network scanner

NetGhost 0.3 English

Define your IP for each WLAN that you connect to

Open Ports Scanner 2.47 English

Stay informed about which ports are open

BitMeter OS 0.7.6 English

Control your Internet connection speed

Packetyzer 5.0.0 English
Packetyzer 5.0.0

Packet capturer based on the Ethereal project

DNSDataView 1.56 English

Find out the data of any DNS that we want

Dynamic DNS Client 2.02 .NET Lite English
Dynamic DNS Client 2.02 .NET Lite

Manage to always keep fixed DNS

Zamzom Wireless Network Tool 1.0.0 English

Find out if someone is on your wireless network

Proxy Voyager 1.05 English

Keep your anonymity on the Internet

1st SMTP Server English
1st SMTP Server

Lightweight, efficient and easy-to-configure SMTP server

No-IP 4.1.1 English
No-IP 4.1.1

Assign a name to your IP address

ShowMyPC 3161 English
ShowMyPC 3161

Instant remote access to computers on the Internet

LogMeIn 4.1.8832 English
LogMeIn 4.1.8832

Access any computer remotely from a browser

Quick'n Easy FTP Server 3.2 Professional English
Quick'n Easy FTP Server 3.2 Professional

Turn your computer into a professional FTP server