Network Tools for Windows (Page 5)

All the essential tools and utilities to be able to work with computer networks can be found in our category of network software for Windows PCs

Multi Ping 1.0 Build 002 English
Multi Ping 1.0 Build 002

Check the ping of different IPs with one command

CrushFTP 9.1.0 English
CrushFTP 9.1.0

Transform you computer into an FTP server in very few steps

GFI LANguard 12.4 English

Check the vulnerabilities of your LAN network

DU Meter 7.30 English
DU Meter 7.30

Comfortably control the speed of your network

bitsoft ShowIP English
bitsoft ShowIP

A free application that shows you your IP address

DNS4Me English

Control your dynamic IP with this program

AllegroSurf English

Control and share your Internet connection

Iris Network Traffic Analyzer English

A great state-of-the-art traffic analyzer

Hide IP 4.2 English
Hide IP 4.2

Maintaining your privacy is very simple with this program

Cerberus FTP Server 10.0.10 English

Install an FTP server on your computer

miniRelay 0.9.77d English
miniRelay 0.9.77d

Send emails from your personal SMTP server

PostCast Server Professional 3.0.61 English
PostCast Server Professional 3.0.61

Complete server to easily send emails

PuTTY 0.74 English
PuTTY 0.74

Free Windows client to be able to access by Telnet, Remote Login and SSH

KiTTY English

Version of the telnet/SSH client PuTTy

Network Inventory Advisor 5.0.167 English

Control the software and hardware that connects to your networks

Homedale 1.77 English
Homedale 1.77

Monitor WiFi networks

Supremo English

Remote control for Windows

WirelessMon 4.0.1009 English
WirelessMon 4.0.1009

Discover how many wireless connections you have nearby

UpRight 1.2.2 English
UpRight 1.2.2

Upload files to Amazon S3

IPConfig 6.5.4 English
IPConfig 6.5.4

A graphical interface for the command of the same name

DesktopGate 2.51 English

Monitor what your workers do

FreePortScanner 3.6 English

Check the status of your computer's ports

Corner Bowl Log Manager English

Control all the computers of your network

Comodo Unite English
Comodo Unite

Create your private virtual network

SniffPass 1.13 English
SniffPass 1.13

Recover your lost passwords

ThinRDP English

Access a computer remotely using HTML5

ThinVNC English

Access a remote computer

OpenNX English

Remote access and desktop virtualization software

eoNet 3.0 English
eoNet 3.0

Monitor the bandwidth of your Internet connection

Active Ports 1.4 English

Control which TCP/IP and UDP ports are open

WhatIsMyIP? 2.0 English

Quickly find out your IP address

Wireless Watch Home 2.0 English
Wireless Watch Home 2.0

Find out if anyone tries to steal your Wi-Fi signal

Moo0 ConnectionWatcher 1.56 English

Analyze the network connections established on your computer

MyConnection Server 10.1f English

Obtain data about your network by means of this complete analyzer

NMapWin 1.3.1 English
NMapWin 1.3.1

Assess your network security by scanning ports

CrossLoop 2.82 English
CrossLoop 2.82

The most simple way to share your desktop

IPGet 1.51 English
IPGet 1.51

Find out the IP of you Messenger contacts

Lan.FS English

Share files and chat on your local network

Active Search Engine 3.1.3 English

Install you own Web search engine on your server

I2P 0.9.39 English
I2P 0.9.39

Browse the Internet anonymously