Network Tools for Windows (Page 6)

All the essential tools and utilities to be able to work with computer networks can be found in our category of network software for Windows PCs

Spiceworks English

Keep full control over everthing that happens on your network

DownTester 1.30 English

Discover the real speed of your Internet connection

Magic NetTrace 3.0.2 English

Discover the route followed by your Internet connections

MyProxy 9.3 English
MyProxy 9.3

Filter adverts and improve the performance of your Internet connection

GPass English

Maintain your anonymity and avoid censorship on the Internet

professional Look at Net English

Quick and easy manner to scan your network

Bowtie Remote 1.0 English
Bowtie Remote 1.0

Control music remotely on any mobile device by Apple

Vedivi 2.1.463 English
Vedivi 2.1.463

Control your home PC from any other computer

CurrPorts 2.60 English
CurrPorts 2.60

Check what TCP and UDP ports are being used

Remobo 0.60.4 English
Remobo 0.60.4

Tool to communicate on your local network

NoMachine 6.12.3_7 English
NoMachine 6.12.3_7

Like the former NX client, but much more secure

VNC Personal Edition 4.6.3 English
VNC Personal Edition 4.6.3

Access any PC remotely and with no security problems

No-IP 4.1.1 English
No-IP 4.1.1

Assign a name to your IP address

NTRconnect English

Access any PC or Mac in a remote and secure manner

UpdateIP 1.6 English

Automatically update your webs with your current IP

Quick'n Easy Mail Server 3.3 English

A simple mail server with a great appearance

Network Probe 3.0 English

Control the performance of your local network

Baby POP3 Server 1.04 English

Turn your computer into a POP3 server

WAC Server 2.0 Build 3503 English
WAC Server 2.0 Build 3503

Connect remotely by means of a Telnet and SSH server

Secure KoalaTerm 4.4 Build 2115 English
Secure KoalaTerm 4.4 Build 2115

Very complete SSH client for Windows

Wibox 3.0 English
Wibox 3.0

Check the battery status and the signal of the Wi-Fi networks available

RaidenFTPD 2.4.4005 English
RaidenFTPD 2.4.4005

Incredible FTP server for Windows

DNS4Me English

Control your dynamic IP with this program

AnzioWin 17.1zh English
AnzioWin 17.1zh

Brilliant terminal emulation for Telnet with Unicode support

BWMeter 8.1.1 English
BWMeter 8.1.1

Follow the data that your PC sends and receives

AbsoluteTelnet 10.16 English

Connect to another computer by Telnet or SSH

Ironwall Servidor Web 7.41 English
Ironwall Servidor Web 7.41

One of the most easy-to-use server applications

QuickTFTP Desktop Pro 3.8 English

Share files within your local network

zFTPServer Suite 2011-09 English

A quick, powerful and simple FTP server

ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET English
ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET

Easily install an electronic mail server on any computer

miniRelay 0.9.77d English
miniRelay 0.9.77d

Send emails from your personal SMTP server

Hermes EMail Server English

Efficient free email server

Mercury/32 4.80 English

Configure an mail server on your PC

Radmin English

Work on a remote computer as if it were in front of you

Beyond Remote Full English
Beyond Remote Full

Control any computer from a distances with this program

Remote Desktop Control English

Allows a user to control any computer remotely

WinGate English

The most sophisticated proxy for Windows

UltraVNC 1.2.50 English
UltraVNC 1.2.50

Control any PC remotely by means of the Internet

Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Service Pack 2 English
Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Service Pack 2

Second great pack of updates for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

TightVNC 2.8.27 English
TightVNC 2.8.27

Control any computer remotely