OCR and Scanning software for Windows

Scan any document and digitize the text in order to be able to edit it from your computer thanks to this OCR software available for Windows PCs

OmniPage Ultimate 18 English
OmniPage Ultimate 18

Digitize each one of your paper documents

SuperGeek Free Document OCR 8.8.1 English

Convert images to text

VueScan 9.6.28 English
VueScan 9.6.28

Control the slightest detail of your scanner

ABBYY FineReader English
ABBYY FineReader

Brilliant optical character recognition software

SimpleOCR 3.1 English

Simple and useful OCR app to make the most of your scanner

Snapter 2 Ice English
Snapter 2 Ice

Use your digital camera as if it were a scanner

PaperScan 3.0.77 English
PaperScan 3.0.77

Improve your scanning quality

Softi ScanWiz 2.50 English

Convert any document on paper to digital format

ScanRn 1.23 English
ScanRn 1.23

Use your scanner easily, even on a network

Softi FreeOCR 2.6 English

Scan any text and save it in digital format

PDF OCR 4.4 English

Allow your scanned documents to be editeed

Scanitto 3.19 English
Scanitto 3.19

OCR suite to scan all sorts of documents