Privacy Software for Windows

Protect the privacy of your personal documents and files on your PC, keeping them away from prying eyes, thanks to this privacy software for Windows

FOCA English

Software for fingerprint and information gathering processes

X-Proxy English

Browse the Internet hiding your real IP

Gilisoft Privacy Protector 10.1.0 English

Protect your privacy on your PC

Privacy Eraser 4.50.2960 English
Privacy Eraser 4.50.2960

Delete any trace left on your computer

Privacy Inspector 2.0 English

Avoid that other users access information which is stored on your PC

PrivaZer 3.0.67 English
PrivaZer 3.0.67

Maintain your privacy when you use a computer

Privacy Agent 1.2 English

Maintain the privacy of your browser

Spotflux English

Browse the Internet more securely

MetaStripper 0.92 English

Eliminate the metadata from your JPEG images

NoTracks 1.4.3 English
NoTracks 1.4.3

Avoid data trackers

Geotag Security English

Delete the geo tags from your photographs

SurfSecret Privacy Protector 8 English
SurfSecret Privacy Protector 8

Delete your tracks when surfing on the Internet

Wipe 17.29 English
Wipe 17.29

Protect your privacy and avoid your computer storing personal information without consent

My Privacy 4.1 English

Analyze the personal data of your PC