Blockers and Restriction Software for Windows

Prevent anyone from accessing your most private files or establish parental control on your computer thanks to these blocks and restriction software

Incognito Gone English

Disable private browsing modes

Anti-Porn English

Protect your children when they browse the Internet

Serial Key Generator 7.0 English

Generate serial numbers for your applications

Easy File Locker 1.5 English

Hide files and folders on your computer

The Web Blocker 2.0 English

A controlled Internet access

Windows Live Family Safety 2011 English

Keep track of what your children do on your PC

Net Nanny English
Net Nanny

Avoid little'ns accessing adult contents

PicBlock 4.2.4 English
PicBlock 4.2.4

Avoid access to pornographic images from your PC

XUS PC Lock 2.0.47 English
XUS PC Lock 2.0.47

Block access to your computer

LocK-A-FoLdeR 3.9.1 English

Hide your computer's important folders

Control Kids English
Control Kids

Control which websites your children access

WinGuard Pro 8.16 English

Block the Windows elements and applications of your choice

WinHide.SB English

Practical tool to quickly hide windows

Appadmin 1.1 English

Restrict the access to certain applications on your PC

Secure Folder 6.7 English

Protect your files in inviolable folders

Naomi 3.2.90 English
Naomi 3.2.90

Block access to sites that aren't appropriate for kids

Folder Lock 7.7.4 English

The security solution to encrypt all your information

My Lockbox 3.9.3 English
My Lockbox 3.9.3

Add passwords to all your files and folders

Parental Control 2.0 English

Control how your children use the PC

FlashCrypt 1.0 beta English
FlashCrypt 1.0 beta

Block, encrypt and protect your folders with a password

EncryptOnClick English

Just one click to encrypt your files

AVG LinkScanner 2015 English

Make sure an attacking web is not hiding behind a link

Folder Guard 9.1 English

Control who can access files, folders and the Windows Configuration

IM Lock Home 2011 English
IM Lock Home 2011

Take full control of who and what uses your Internet connection

KeyLemon 2.7.1 English
KeyLemon 2.7.1

Access Windows using your face as a password

Snort English

Monitor and control intrusions on your computers

Parental Filter 2.3.0 English

Apply parental control to your Internet connection

FastAccess 3.1.70 English
FastAccess 3.1.70

Use your own face to login or block your PC

K9 Web Protection 4.2.123 English

Filter the contents that your children can access on the Internet

Qustodio English

Parental control software

Rohos Face Logon 3.1 English

Use an image your face to log in

Wise Folder Hider 3.31 English

Hide whatever folders and files you choose

AdFender 2.52 English
AdFender 2.52

Block adverts from any site

Camouflage 1.2.1 English
Camouflage 1.2.1

Hide all your files to avoid prying eyes

Ashampoo IP Spam Blocker 1.02 English

Easily block annoying adverts and messages

Popup Killer 1.51 English

Get rid of the bothersome popup windows

LUPC 4.20 English
LUPC 4.20

Limit the amount of hours the users can use the computer

Fast Windows Hider 5.2.4 English

Hide the programs of your PC that you don't want anybody to see

Move Action 2.6 English

Video surveillance by means of your webcam

Blue Lock 1.92 English
Blue Lock 1.92

Block your PC if it doesn't find a nearby Bluetooth device