Security for Windows (Page 10)

All the essential tools you could possibly need to guarantee the security and integrity of the information and data stored on your Windows PC

DefenseWall Personal Firewall 3.25 English

Defend your computer from attacks over Internet

Xilisoft iPhone Contacts Backup 1.2.25 English

Manage all your iPhone contacts from your PC

DNIe 14.0.0 English
DNIe 14.0.0

Cryptographic module for the electronic DNI

Secret Word 1.5 English

Protect your confidential text documents

SmokeScreen 2.2 English

Hide your open windows from prying eyes

idoo File Encryption 7.0 English

Encrypt the contents of your files

Verity 1.15 English
Verity 1.15

Parental control software

NeverLost 1.1.6 English
NeverLost 1.1.6

Save and prevent the loss of data of any of your storage units

Rohos Face Logon 3.3 English

Use an image your face to log in

Magic Video Surveillance English

A security system on your PC

Logins Saver 3.4.5 English

Save all your passwords securely

Cloudfogger 1.5.49 English
Cloudfogger 1.5.49

Improve the security of your cloud files

Image for Windows 3.28 English

Create backups of your important data

MetaStripper 0.92 English

Eliminate the metadata from your JPEG images

Rohos Disk Encryption 2.0 English

Encrypt your confidential information on a hidden disk

Undelete 360 2.16 English

Recover files deleted by mistake

Encoding Decoding 3.5.1 English

Encrypt your confidential data

NoTracks 1.4.3 English
NoTracks 1.4.3

Avoid data trackers

BackupFly English

Save backup copies in real time

Firekup English

Backup the data of your Firefox accounts

ShadowExplorer 0.9 English

Access the hidden copies of your files

LastPass 4.21.0 English
LastPass 4.21.0

A secure place to store passwords

MailStore English

Create backups of your email

SpotIM 2.2 English
SpotIM 2.2

Recover the passwords from your instant messenger programs

ReclaiMe Build 3997 English
ReclaiMe Build 3997

Recover eliminated files

Duplicati English

Create backup copies in the clouds from your data

FileWing 5.5.11 English
FileWing 5.5.11

Recover deleted files

Universal Password Manager 1.15.1 English

Protect your passwords

Control Kids 1.0 English

Control which websites your children access

JPG Sponge 2.6 English

Light encryption application

Anti-keylogger 10.3.3 English

Make your computer more secure

Qustodio 181.2.1027.0 English
Qustodio 181.2.1027.0

Parental control software

MultiHasher 2.8.2 English

Calculate the hash value of your files

LojiklSweep 2.13.0 English
LojiklSweep 2.13.0

Create backups easily

WinMHR Beta 2 English
WinMHR Beta 2

Locate any malicious software on your computer

XSpy Shield Gold English
XSpy Shield Gold

Protect yourself against spyware

Norman Security Suite 10.00 English

The best protection for your PC

FileStream Secure Disk English

The safest way to protect your data

MultiStage Recovery 4.11 English

Recover your deleted files

Norton Anti-Theft English

Protect your computer if it is stolen