Security for Windows (Page 4)

All the essential tools you could possibly need to guarantee the security and integrity of the information and data stored on your Windows PC

The Web Blocker 2.0 English

A controlled Internet access

PicBlock 4.2.4 English
PicBlock 4.2.4

Avoid access to pornographic images from your PC

USB Doctor 2.0.0 English
USB Doctor 2.0.0

Protect your USB pendrives against viruses in the autorun.inf file

Panda Anti-Rootkit 1.08.00 English

Find and eliminate all sorts of rootkits

Rising Antivirus V17 English
Rising Antivirus V17

Protect your computer against possible threats

Safety.Net 3.8 English

Protect you system with this latest generation firewall

Outpost Firewall Pro 9.3 English

Protect your computer against any threat

Perfect Privacy VPN 1.0.1 English

Browse safely using a VPN

Detekt 1.9 English
Detekt 1.9

Find out if your PC is being spied on

Power Spy 12.87.4 English
Power Spy 12.87.4

What happens you're not the person using your PC?

HDD Regenerator 2011 English

Repair your physically damaged hard drive

1 Second Folder Encryption 6.76 English

Protect the contents of your folders by encrypting them

Camouflage 1.2.1 English
Camouflage 1.2.1

Hide all your files to avoid prying eyes

K9 AntiSpam 1.28 English

One of the best AntiSpam filters available

AccessDiver 4.402 English

Check out the security of your website

Kerio WinRoute Firewall 7.1.0 English

Improve the security of any corporate network

WanaKiwi 0.1 English

Tool to decrypt files blocked by WannCry

ESET Internet Security English

Efficient antimalware with reinforced anti-ransomware security

Hetman Photo Recovery 4.7 English

Software to recover photo files

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home 4.2.3 English

Tool to recover files deleted accidentally

Malware Hunter English
Malware Hunter

A malware hunter for your computer

360 Total Security English
360 Total Security

One of the most reliable antiviruses

Pandora Recovery English
Pandora Recovery

Recover files deleted from your hard drive

DeepSound 2.0 English

Hide information among audio tracks and files

HitmanPro English

Add a second security layer to your PC

Disk Drill 4.0.528 English
Disk Drill 4.0.528

Software to recover deleted files

Twitter Password Decryptor 11.0 English

Recover Twitter passwords stored on the browser

Cold Turkey 3.4 English

Block all your distractions

Social Downloader 2.7 English

Create a backup of your data on the social networks

Verity 1.15 English
Verity 1.15

Parental control software

Dashlane 6.2044.0.40862 English
Dashlane 6.2044.0.40862

Your personal Internet assistant

OWASP Mantra Janus English

A pack of tools to check a website's security

iSpy English

Turn your computer into a security system

Boss Key 5.2 English

Hide windows from unwanted glances

Magic Boss Key 4.10 English

Hide the programs that you are using

Meteorite 0.11 English
Meteorite 0.11

Recover corrupted MKV files

Secure Folder 7.9.1 English

Protect your files in inviolable folders

DiskDigger English

Recover files that you thought you had lost

WinRAP 1.25 English
WinRAP 1.25

Hide your applications so nobody can spy on your work

Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager 1.0.0 English

Make backups of your USB device