Security for Windows (Page 5)

All the essential tools you could possibly need to guarantee the security and integrity of the information and data stored on your Windows PC

Folder Lock 7.7.8 English

The security solution to encrypt all your information

Asterisk Key 10.0 English

Display the passwords behind the asterisks

AccessDiver 4.402 English

Check out the security of your website

Kerio WinRoute Firewall 7.1.0 English

Improve the security of any corporate network

McAfee LiveSafe 14.0.8185 English
McAfee LiveSafe 14.0.8185

McAfee's antivirus aimed at protecting your online activities

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus English

Browse 100% safe

Sophos Home 1.2.12 English
Sophos Home 1.2.12

Antivirus protection controlled from your browser

Kaspersky CoinVault Decryptor English

Recover files seized by ransomware

Disk Drill 4.0.487.0 English
Disk Drill 4.0.487.0

Software to recover deleted files

Decryptolocker English

Release your files encrypted by Cryptolocker

TunnelBear 3.7 English

Browse the Internet with absolute freedom

Trojan Killer 2.0.57 English

Powerful anti-malware solution

UnThreat Antivirus Free 2013 English

Defend your PC against viruses and other dangers

Browser Password Decryptor 12.0 English

Recover the passwords stored on your browser

Kaspersky PURE 3.0 English
Kaspersky PURE 3.0

The ultimate protection for your computer network

The Enigma Protector 6.00 English

Protect the applications that you develop

Mandiant Redline 1.20.1 English

Audit your computer in search of malware

Windows Live Family Safety 2011 English

Keep track of what your children do on your PC

Dashlane 6.2024.0.35745 English
Dashlane 6.2024.0.35745

Your personal Internet assistant

Power Spy 12.87.3 English
Power Spy 12.87.3

What happens you're not the person using your PC?

Kahlown 5.6 English
Kahlown 5.6

Capture your PC activity on video secretly

Snuko English

Always know where your computer is, even if it is stolen

Hidetools Child Control 15.4.1 English

Control the websites that your children visit on the Internet

MPEG Header Corrector English

Repair your corrupt MPEG files

Meteorite 0.11 English
Meteorite 0.11

Recover corrupted MKV files

Privatefirewall English

Protect your PC against external attacks

iBin 2.9 English
iBin 2.9

Add a recycling bin to your pendrive

WinGuard Pro 2018 English
WinGuard Pro 2018

Block the Windows elements and applications of your choice

Laptop Alarm 1.2.1 English

Protect your computer against theft

Naevius USB Antivirus 2.1 English

Check if your USB memory has been infected

Anti Trojan Elite (ATE) 5.6.2 English
Anti Trojan Elite (ATE) 5.6.2

Find and delete keyloggers and trojans from your system

WinRAP 1.25 English
WinRAP 1.25

Hide your applications so nobody can spy on your work

Antivirus VBA32 English
Antivirus VBA32

Protect you PC with this efficient antivirus

WOT Internet Explorer 20130902 English

Discover if a website is dangerous with this plug-in

USB Image Tool 1.75 English

Easily carry out backups of your USB devices

Panda Global Protection 2018 17.0.2 English

Enjoy the best protection without affecting your computer's performance

BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2019 English

Antivirus protection, firewall and optimizer all in one

Ashampoo Security Pack 2.0 English

Get ahold of a complete pack of security applications

Code Virtualizer English

Complete code obfuscation system

Rising Personal Firewall V16 English
Rising Personal Firewall V16

Personal and appealing Firewall for Windows