Security for Windows (Page 8)

All the essential tools you could possibly need to guarantee the security and integrity of the information and data stored on your Windows PC

Anvi Smart Defender 3.1 English

Full protection against malware

SterJo Key Finder 1.8 English

Discover the hidden passwords

Mandiant Redline 1.20.1 English

Audit your computer in search of malware

Keylogger Gratis 3.6 English

Free keylogger to record keystrokes

MultiStage Recovery 4.11 English

Recover your deleted files

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper 1.0.856.0 English

The self-executable antivirus by Microsoft

XUS PC Lock 3.4.67 English
XUS PC Lock 3.4.67

Block access to your computer

Romaco Timeout English

Control the amount of time your computer is used

IObit Malware Fighter English

IObit's software to keep your PC safe from viruses and spyware

Titanium AntiVirus Plus 2012 5.0.1280 English
Titanium AntiVirus Plus 2012 5.0.1280

A tool to get rid of all the malware on your computer

Gmer 2.2.19882 English
Gmer 2.2.19882

Scan your PC and remove rootkits

BackRex Internet Explorer Backup 2.8 English

Back up all your Internet Explorer data

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery English

Recover photographs deleted from your hard drive

Digital Defender English
Digital Defender

Protect your computer with this antivirus

WinGuard Pro 2018 English
WinGuard Pro 2018

Block the Windows elements and applications of your choice

Naevius USB Antivirus 2.1 English

Check if your USB memory has been infected

PC Tools AntiVirus 2012 English
PC Tools AntiVirus 2012

Protect your computer thanks to IntelliGuard technology

ClamWin Antivirus 0.99.4 English

Simple and free alternative to analyze files on demand

FlashCrypt 1.0 beta English
FlashCrypt 1.0 beta

Block, encrypt and protect your folders with a password

UnChrome 260 English

Improve the security and privacy of Chrome with a single click

ProduKey 1.93 English
ProduKey 1.93

Comfortably view your operating system's serial number

KeyPass 4.9.22 English
KeyPass 4.9.22

Password manager that helps you improve your computers security

Restoration 3.2.13 English
Restoration 3.2.13

Manage to recover files that you deleted

Mx One Antivirus 4.5 English

Free antivirus to protect your USB devices

Parental Control 2.1 English

Control how your children use the PC

Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.70 English

Clear malware from your computer with this tool by Microsoft

O&O UnErase 6.0.1899 English
O&O UnErase 6.0.1899

Recover files deleted accidentally

Androsa FileProtector 1.4.4 English

Protect and encrypt your files

Norton AntiBot 1.1.851 English

Protect your computer against malicious processes

POP3 Preview 1.0 English

Make sure that you mail doesn't have any SPAM or virus

WordFIX 5.74 English
WordFIX 5.74

Recover damaged Word files

Magic Transfer 2.3 English

Synchronize the configuration and information on several computers

My Lockbox 4.1.5 English
My Lockbox 4.1.5

Add passwords to all your files and folders

Comodo Internet Security Premium 12 English

Protect your PC efficiently against attacks and viruses

a-squared Free English
a-squared Free

Clear your computer of malware, worms and trojans for free

CA AntiVirus Plus Anti-Spyware 2010 English
CA AntiVirus Plus Anti-Spyware 2010

Detect and remove all your PC's viruses

iPhone Backup Extractor English

Extract and restore backups on your iOS devices

Reason Core Security English

Antivirus for PC that assesses your computer's online risks

DeepSound 2.0 English

Hide information among audio tracks and files

SysPopper Beta 0.7 English
SysPopper Beta 0.7

Get passwords in Windows