Software Development on Windows (Page 2)

Here you'll find the most wanted applications by developers and coders: development environments, editors, database software and plenty more

Debugging Tools for Windows 6.12.0002.633 English

Debug the code errors of your designs

XVI32 2.55 English
XVI32 2.55

One of the most widespread hexadecimal editors

Python 3.7.2 English
Python 3.7.2

One of the most practical programing languages

DeKnop 5.0 English
DeKnop 5.0

Generate nice buttons for your website

Artisteer English

Create web themes and designs without any development knowledge

.NET Framework 4 English

All the components necessary to create Windows applications

Eclipse 2018-12 English
Eclipse 2018-12

Integrated development environment for Java applications

JCreator Pro 5.10.002 English
JCreator Pro 5.10.002

The most powerful Java integrated development environment

Oracle DataBase 18c English
Oracle DataBase 18c

Relational database free of charge

SQL Server 2008 Express English

Practical database server

FileMaker Pro English
FileMaker Pro

Create and manage a relational database

PHP 5 .6.40 English
PHP 5 .6.40

Create and manage dynamic webpages by adding PHP to your server

CodeLobster IDE 1.10.2 English

A complete IDE for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Unity 2019.3.7 English
Unity 2019.3.7

The videogame deveopment environment of the game engine

XML Copy Editor English

Free XML editor

BlueGriffon 3.1 English

An HTML and WYSIWYG editor

Ruby 2.6.5 English
Ruby 2.6.5

The Ruby command console

Vim 8.1.2251 English
Vim 8.1.2251

An open-source text editor

NetBeans IDE 12.0 English

The development environemnt for Java

DeckHub 1.0.3 English
DeckHub 1.0.3

A desktop client for GitHub

Mongotron 1.0.0 Alpha 5 English
Mongotron 1.0.0 Alpha 5

User interface for MongoDB systems

EditBone 12.17.4 English
EditBone 12.17.4

Text editor for developers

ILNumerics Ultimate VS 5.2.7025.2578 English
ILNumerics Ultimate VS 5.2.7025.2578

Develop maths algorithms for .NET

dbForge Studio for MySQL 9.0 Enterprise English
dbForge Studio for MySQL 9.0 Enterprise

Universal MySQL and MariaDB GUI tool

Visual Studio Code 1.33.1 English

The new version of the Microsoft IDE

Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 3 English
Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 3

Your favorite IDE adapted to modern times

WebSite X5 Professional English
WebSite X5 Professional

A powerful yet simple web design tool

Yahoo Games Network SDK 3.0.14 English

Development kit for Yahoo! Games Channel

Brackets 1.14.2 English
Brackets 1.14.2

Revolutionary web code editor

Dart Editor 1.10.1 English
Dart Editor 1.10.1

Dart code editor

Tululoo 1.3.0 English
Tululoo 1.3.0

Simplify the creation of games in HTML5

Google Web Designer English
Google Web Designer

Create adverts for your site in HTML5

Composer 2.0.9 English
Composer 2.0.9

PHP dependency manager

Jabaco 1.5.2 English
Jabaco 1.5.2

Develop Java applications with Visual Basic code

Turbulenz SDK 0.27.0 English
Turbulenz SDK 0.27.0

SDK for the creation of games based on HTML5

MariaDB 10.3.11 English
MariaDB 10.3.11

A fast and secure DBMS

Instant Developer 18.0.7000 Express English
Instant Developer 18.0.7000 Express

Develop applications regardless of the technology

MinGW 0.6.2 English
MinGW 0.6.2

Set of compilers for several languages

NS Basic App Studio 7.3 English

Develop your own mobile applications

InnoExtractor 2020 English
InnoExtractor 2020

Unpack Inno Setup installation files