Software Development on Windows (Page 4)

Here you'll find the most wanted applications by developers and coders: development environments, editors, database software and plenty more

MDAC 2.61 .7326.6 English
MDAC 2.61 .7326.6

Data Access Components version, appropriate for older versions of Windows

R-project 4.0.2 English
R-project 4.0.2

Greate development environment for statistic tools

MDB View 1.0 English

View MDB files without having Access installed on your PC

Web Easy Pro 8 English
Web Easy Pro 8

Create your website in a few minutes

AccessFIX 5.122 English
AccessFIX 5.122

Fix corrupted Access files

XNA Game Studio 4.0 English

Create your own video games for Windows and Xbox 360

AceHTML 11 English

Powerful, free and complete HTML editor

Yahoo Games Network SDK 3.0.14 English

Development kit for Yahoo! Games Channel

Jabaco 1.5.2 English
Jabaco 1.5.2

Develop Java applications with Visual Basic code

MariaDB 10.3.11 English
MariaDB 10.3.11

A fast and secure DBMS

EasyPHP 17.0 English
EasyPHP 17.0

Get hold of your own local server with WAMP

Mantis 2.24.1 English
Mantis 2.24.1

Find development errors and bugs

Zend Studio 13.6.1 English
Zend Studio 13.6.1

Create PHP applications quickly and easily

Resource Hacker 5.1.6 English

Handle any Windows executable file as you please

Amara Flash News Ticker 3.0 English

Show any text with scroll effects on your website

Bugzilla 5.0.4 English
Bugzilla 5.0.4

Debug software errors from Firefox

XNA Framework 4.0 English

The libraries that are necessary for XNA Game Studio games

WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.2.2 English

Build your own website with this great tool

SQL Server 7 SP4 Service Pack 4 English
SQL Server 7 SP4 Service Pack 4

Fourth pack of updates for SQL Server 7

Visual Studio 2002 SP1 English

Second Service Pack for Visual Studio 2002

Agena 2.21.10 Update 1 English
Agena 2.21.10 Update 1

An easy-to-use programing language

Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 English

Develop Kinect applications and make the most of its possibilities

Google Refine 2.5 English

Optimize your databases

MoSync 3.2 English
MoSync 3.2

A development environment for mobile phone applications

Windows Azure SDK 3.0 English

Toolkit to develop Azure applications

UEStudio English

Improved version of UltraEdit for programmers

phpDesigner 8.1.2 English

A complete PHP web development environment

Windows Installer 4.5 English

Enable the installation of MSI files

Tululoo 1.3.0 English
Tululoo 1.3.0

Simplify the creation of games in HTML5

Turbulenz SDK 0.27.0 English
Turbulenz SDK 0.27.0

SDK for the creation of games based on HTML5

Instant Developer 18.0.7000 Express English
Instant Developer 18.0.7000 Express

Develop applications regardless of the technology

Data Exchange Wizard English

Import and export information from databases

PureBasic 5.62 English
PureBasic 5.62

New programming language based on BASIC

Website Realizer 2.4.3 English

Create and edit websites

Website Painter 3.4 English

Design and modify the aspect of your website

PyCharm 2018.1.4 English
PyCharm 2018.1.4

Python development environment

HEXtreme 2.0 English

Free hexadecimal editor with plenty of options

Visual DuxDebugger 3.9.2 English

Disassembler debugger for 64-bit Windows

jEdit 5.5.0 English
jEdit 5.5.0

Complete text editor programmed in Java

PostgreSQL 11.2.1 English
PostgreSQL 11.2.1

Interesting alternative to Oracle or MySQL