Software Development on Windows (Page 4)

Here you'll find the most wanted applications by developers and coders: development environments, editors, database software and plenty more

3D Rad 7.22 English
3D Rad 7.22

Create you own games in 3D

HEXtreme 2.0 English

Free hexadecimal editor with plenty of options

010 Editor 9.0.1 English
010 Editor 9.0.1

One of the best hexadecimal editors available

VrmlPad 3.0 English
VrmlPad 3.0

Create virtual worlds with this VRML editor

RoboMind 6.0.1 English
RoboMind 6.0.1

Learn how to program with the ROBO programming language

Titanium Studio 1.0.6 English
Titanium Studio 1.0.6

Develop applications for mobiles and gadgets like the iPad

Notepad2 4.2.25 English
Notepad2 4.2.25

Great alternative to the Windows notepad

Banner Maker Pro 9.0.0 English

Professional tool for the creation of logos and banners

Microsoft Surface SDK 2.0 English

Complete SDK for the Microsoft Surface multi-touch table

Amara Flash News Ticker 3.0 English

Show any text with scroll effects on your website

XNA Framework 4.0 English

The libraries that are necessary for XNA Game Studio games

XML Notepad 2007 English

Fast and simple XML file editor

phpDesigner 8.1.2 English

A complete PHP web development environment

WinHex 20.1 English
WinHex 20.1

Complete hexadecimal editor

HotDog Professional 7.03 English

Very good HTML editor to create websites

WebSite X5 Pro 2022.1 English

The application you need for website creation

Brackets 1.14.2 English
Brackets 1.14.2

Revolutionary web code editor

Jabaco 1.5.2 English
Jabaco 1.5.2

Develop Java applications with Visual Basic code

MadEdit English

A text and hexadecimal editor

PrestaShop English

Create your own online shop for free

Open Watcom 1.9 English

Development environment focused on C and C++

Google Refine 2.5 English

Optimize your databases

Artisteer English

Create web themes and designs without any development knowledge

Komodo Edit 11.1.0 English
Komodo Edit 11.1.0

Multilanguage code editor

DBF Explorer 1.0 Build 005 English
DBF Explorer 1.0 Build 005

View and edit DBF databases

VintaSoftBarcode.NET SDK English
VintaSoftBarcode.NET SDK

.NET library to read and write barcodes

Sothink DHTML Menu 9.8 English

Create the menus of your web in JavaScript and DHTML

XNA Game Studio 4.0 English

Create your own video games for Windows and Xbox 360

Inno Setup 5.6.1 English
Inno Setup 5.6.1

Create installers for Windows applications

MySQL 4 .1.22 English
MySQL 4 .1.22

One of the best databases for web services

CodeLobster IDE 1.10.2 English

A complete IDE for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Ruby 2.6.5 English
Ruby 2.6.5

The Ruby command console

EditBone 12.17.4 English
EditBone 12.17.4

Text editor for developers

ILNumerics Ultimate VS 5.2.7025.2578 English
ILNumerics Ultimate VS 5.2.7025.2578

Develop maths algorithms for .NET

Yahoo Games Network SDK 3.0.14 English

Development kit for Yahoo! Games Channel

MariaDB 10.3.11 English
MariaDB 10.3.11

A fast and secure DBMS

MinGW 0.6.2 English
MinGW 0.6.2

Set of compilers for several languages

.NET Framework 4.5 .2 English

Fix problems with .NET Framework

PureBasic 5.62 English
PureBasic 5.62

New programming language based on BASIC

Website Painter 3.5 English

Design and modify the aspect of your website