Software Development on Windows (Page 5)

Here you'll find the most wanted applications by developers and coders: development environments, editors, database software and plenty more

Open Watcom 1.9 English

Development environment focused on C and C++

HEXtreme 2.0 English

Free hexadecimal editor with plenty of options

Vanilla Forums 2.8.3 English

Add a user system to your website

Squeak! 5.2 English
Squeak! 5.2

Development environment focused on teaching

Resource Capture 1.0.6 English

Extract whatever you want from an executable file

WebStyle 4.01 English
WebStyle 4.01

Design all the graphic elements on your website with this tool

Bannershop GIF Animator 5.1.2 English

Generate animated banners with professional quality

Microsoft Surface SDK 2.0 English

Complete SDK for the Microsoft Surface multi-touch table

Zend Studio 13.6.1 English
Zend Studio 13.6.1

Create PHP applications quickly and easily

Geany 1.33 English
Geany 1.33

Integrated development environment that supports several languages

SharpDevelop English

Free development environment for C#, Boo and Visual Basic .NET

MDB 2 XML 1.0 Build 002 English
MDB 2 XML 1.0 Build 002

Convert Access files to XML format

Sothink DHTML Menu 9.8 English

Create the menus of your web in JavaScript and DHTML

Visual J# 2005 Express Edition English
Visual J# 2005 Express Edition

Create applications in Java with the possibility to run them in .NET Framework

Arachnophilia 5.5.2935 English
Arachnophilia 5.5.2935

Free HTML editor with many interesting features

GTK+ 2.24.10 2012-10-10 English
GTK+ 2.24.10 2012-10-10

Runtime environment necessary for applications like GIMP

UltraEdit 26.10 English
UltraEdit 26.10

Excellent and versatile editor for developers

CodeLobster IDE 1.10.2 English

A complete IDE for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

XML Copy Editor English

Free XML editor

DeckHub 1.0.3 English
DeckHub 1.0.3

A desktop client for GitHub

Mongotron 1.0.0 Alpha 5 English
Mongotron 1.0.0 Alpha 5

User interface for MongoDB systems

EditBone 12.17.4 English
EditBone 12.17.4

Text editor for developers

ILNumerics Ultimate VS 5.2.7025.2578 English
ILNumerics Ultimate VS 5.2.7025.2578

Develop maths algorithms for .NET

WebSite X5 Professional English
WebSite X5 Professional

A powerful yet simple web design tool

Yahoo Games Network SDK 3.0.14 English

Development kit for Yahoo! Games Channel

Tululoo 1.3.0 English
Tululoo 1.3.0

Simplify the creation of games in HTML5

MariaDB 10.3.11 English
MariaDB 10.3.11

A fast and secure DBMS

Digg Digg 5.3.6 English
Digg Digg 5.3.6

Add social buttons to your blog and disseminate your articles

SynWrite 6.41.2780 English
SynWrite 6.41.2780

Text editor specialised in code

Aptana Studio 3.7.2 English

The professional open source solution for web development

Bluefish 2.2.10 English
Bluefish 2.2.10

Editor designed for programmers

CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.15 English

Start developing in PHP

PilotEdit Lite 15.2.0 English
PilotEdit Lite 15.2.0

Free text editor for developers

LimeEdit 3.1 English

Create and edit HTML code in a very simple way

3D Rad 7.22 English
3D Rad 7.22

Create you own games in 3D

010 Editor 9.0.1 English
010 Editor 9.0.1

One of the best hexadecimal editors available

Visual DuxDebugger 3.9.2 English

Disassembler debugger for 64-bit Windows

jEdit 5.5.0 English
jEdit 5.5.0

Complete text editor programmed in Java

JUnit 4.10 English
JUnit 4.10

Error detection for Java developers

BannerZest 1.0.10 English
BannerZest 1.0.10

Create you own banners in a few minutes