Software Development on Windows (Page 6)

Here you'll find the most wanted applications by developers and coders: development environments, editors, database software and plenty more

EditBone 12.17.4 English
EditBone 12.17.4

Text editor for developers

WebSite X5 Professional English
WebSite X5 Professional

A powerful yet simple web design tool

Google Web Designer English

Create adverts for your site in HTML5

InnoExtractor 2020 English
InnoExtractor 2020

Unpack Inno Setup installation files

Snipbox 2.5.7 English
Snipbox 2.5.7

Store the code snippets you use most

EditPad Lite 8.1.1 English
EditPad Lite 8.1.1

Light plain text editor

FFaM English

Create Firefox installer to your own liking

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 6.1.1 English

A WYSIWYG system to create webpages

Amaya 11.4.7 English
Amaya 11.4.7

Web editor that will allow you to easily create your website

Zeta Producer 14.3.3 English

Easily create a website

CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.15 English

Start developing in PHP

Inspyder OrFind 5.1.0 English

Detect orphaned files on your website

DeployMaster 6.4.0 English

Create your own installers

Wing IDE 101 4.0.4 English
Wing IDE 101 4.0.4

Complete free development tools for Python

r4 Mar 2019 English
r4 Mar 2019

Program applications for WINE and WINCE

LimeEdit 3.1 English

Create and edit HTML code in a very simple way

Kirin 1.2.4120 English
Kirin 1.2.4120

Create installers for your developments

Open Watcom 1.9 English

Development environment focused on C and C++

Ezypage 19.5 Industrial Edition English
Ezypage 19.5 Industrial Edition

Create your own website in the most simple way

HippoEDIT 1.61 English
HippoEDIT 1.61

Complete text editor full of options

Boks 0.5.8 English
Boks 0.5.8

Lay out webpages with the CSS Blueprint framework

HTTPhotos 4.5 English

Create photograph galleries ready to be published over Internet

Vanilla Forums 2.8.3 English

Add a user system to your website

Squeak! 5.2 English
Squeak! 5.2

Development environment focused on teaching

Resource Capture 1.0.6 English

Extract whatever you want from an executable file

Site Publisher 2.6.125 English

Forget about your website updates

BannerZest 1.0.10 English
BannerZest 1.0.10

Create you own banners in a few minutes

WebStyle 4.01 English
WebStyle 4.01

Design all the graphic elements on your website with this tool

TotalEdit 5.7 English

Excellent text editor prepared for programming

FreshHTML 3.70 English
FreshHTML 3.70

Simple tool to create websites

TSW WebCoder 2013 English

Very complete and simple web development environment

WebSite X5 Evolution English

The application you need to create websites

HTMLSpy 1.04 English
HTMLSpy 1.04

Learn HTML code analyzing your favorite websites

Nvu 1.0 English
Nvu 1.0

Create you own website visually

A4 Flash Menu Builder 4.00 English

Create Flash menus to integrate on your web

MDB 2 XML 1.0 Build 002 English
MDB 2 XML 1.0 Build 002

Convert Access files to XML format

Little Install Builder 1.05 English

Simple yet powerful installation file creator for free

Keywords Generator 2.04 English

Generate Keywords for your web site and increase its traffic

DHTML Menu Builder 4.20.026 English

Build professional menus in JavaScript for your website

PSPad 5.0.3 (377) English
PSPad 5.0.3 (377)

Free text editor designed for programmers