Tools for Windows (Page 20)

All the tools and utilities you need to be able to make the most of your Windows computer, expanding its functions and improving your user experience

Toolwiz Care English
Toolwiz Care

Keep your computer in optimal conditions

PicsAid 1.5 English
PicsAid 1.5

Share images synchronized with iTunes

ArcConvert 0.70 English

Transform a file's compression format

Social Folders 2.0.1 English

All the file shared over the network, synchronized with your hard drive

Ultimate Windows Customizer English

Perform adjustments on different parts of Windows 7

Free ISO Burner 1.22 English

Create optical discs with ISO images

Startup Delayer 3.0.366 English

Optimize how your computer starts up

Joli OS 1.2 English
Joli OS 1.2

One of the operating systems of the near future

DiskTune 1.1.43 English
DiskTune 1.1.43

Defrag and optimize your hard drives

WebVideoStreamer 1.1.267 English

Broadcast the signal of your webcam on the Internet

Toolilla 1.4.1 English
Toolilla 1.4.1

Make your life easier

Free File Wiper 1.91 English

Remove files securely from your hard drive

O&O SpeedCheck English
O&O SpeedCheck

Analyze the speed of your computer

IsMyLcdOK 3.21 English
IsMyLcdOK 3.21

Check that their aren't any problems with your screen

Simple Performance Boost 1.0.5 English

Improve the performance of your computer

Windisk 1.12.1170 English
Windisk 1.12.1170

Keep your computer internally clean

TweakRAM 7.1 English

Take care of your RAM memory usage

Easy Tweaker 2.1.5 English

Improve the performance of your computer

Memory Management System 11.0 English

Automate the release of memory

Zipeg English

Free ZIP and RAR file extractor

FolderMatch 4.2.0 English

Synchronize your work folders

Advanced Renamer 3.84 English

Easily rename your files by batches

Registry Defragmentation English

Tool that allows you to defrag the Windows registry file

Windows Repair 4.4.7 English

Repair any system errors

Dup Scout 11.4.12 English
Dup Scout 11.4.12

Find and remove duplicate files

GetWindowText 3.06 English

Access the information about any window

AverZip 2011.0.0.55 English
AverZip 2011.0.0.55

Compress and decompress your ZIP and RAR files

RapidStart English

Increase the speed of your operating system's start up

BurnInTest 9.0 Pro English
BurnInTest 9.0 Pro

Burn-in test program

Window Detective 3.5.1 English

Study and modify the parameters of application windows

Enigma Virtual Box 9.10 English

File and registry system virtualization software

Bandizip 6.25 English
Bandizip 6.25

A very easy-to-use compressor

XBoot 1.0.14 English
XBoot 1.0.14

Easily create multiboot pendrives and ISO

Extension Indexer 1.2 English

Analyze folders and order their contents by extension

Bombono DVD 1.2.2 English

Create your own DVD's with professional quality

KRyLack Burning Suite 1.20.05 English

Carry out any task with optical discs

Ashampoo Core Tuner 2.01 English

Optimize the calculus potential of your processor

Breevy 3.37 English
Breevy 3.37

A quicker way to work on your PC

Patch My PC English
Patch My PC

Update your most important programs

USB Safely Remove 6.1.2 English

Optimize the safe extraction of devices