Tools for Windows (Page 20)

All the tools and utilities you need to be able to make the most of your Windows computer, expanding its functions and improving your user experience

Best Uninstaller English

Uninstall applications securely

Disk Space Fan English
Disk Space Fan

Discover how your hard drive is distributed

Scanner 2.13 English
Scanner 2.13

Find out how your hard drive is distributed

EasyPC Cleaner Free 1.56 English
EasyPC Cleaner Free 1.56

A simple way to keep your PC clean

RightNote 4.9.2 English
RightNote 4.9.2

Much more than a notepad

Disk Space Finder English

View the distribution of your hard drive

AppRemover English

Remove any trace left behind by security software

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder 1.1.1 English

Find duplicate photographs on your computer 1.0.3 English

Find out what program you need to open a file

MultiBootUSB 9.2.0 English

Create a multi-system pendrive

Ultimate Windows Customizer English

Perform adjustments on different parts of Windows 7

Free ISO Burner 1.22 English

Create optical discs with ISO images

Startup Delayer 3.0.366 English

Optimize how your computer starts up

iExplorer 4.2.1 English
iExplorer 4.2.1

Use your iPhone just like a disk unit

KuaiZip 2.3.2 English
KuaiZip 2.3.2

A free multiformat compressor

Memory Management System 11.0 English

Automate the release of memory

Zipeg English

Free ZIP and RAR file extractor

FolderMatch 4.2.0 English

Synchronize your work folders

Advanced Renamer 3.85 English

Easily rename your files by batches

AverZip 2011.0.0.55 English
AverZip 2011.0.0.55

Compress and decompress your ZIP and RAR files

Extension Indexer 1.2 English

Analyze folders and order their contents by extension

Granola 5.0.11 English
Granola 5.0.11

Save energy with your PC

Tomboy 1.15.9 English
Tomboy 1.15.9

Keep your notes organized with this simple notepad

RT Seven Lite 1.7.0 RC English
RT Seven Lite 1.7.0 RC

Create a customized Windows 7 installation

SysResources Manager 12.4 English

Monitor the activity of your PC

NX Free Light Timer 1.2.3 English

Remember all your meetings and appointments

Hamster Free Burning Studio English

Copy and create optical discs

SuperSync 7.0.1 English
SuperSync 7.0.1

Synchronize your iTunes libraries between platforms

Cryptomax WipeData 2.0 English

Make sure you get rid of your files

SLOW-PCfighter 2.2.14 English

Optimize your computer to get rid of the rubbish files

TextRoom 0.8.1 English
TextRoom 0.8.1

Write without anything distracting you

FULL-DISKfighter 1.5.15 English

Optimize and keep your hard drive organized

ATF Cleaner English
ATF Cleaner

Clear all the obsolete files from your system

Synkron 1.6.2 English
Synkron 1.6.2

Synchronize your files between two folders

WinFuture xp-Iso-Builder 3.0.8 English

Quickly customize your Windows installation discs

Bonjour for Windows Print Services English
Bonjour for Windows Print Services

Use your printer with Bonjour from Windows

Quicksys Disk Defrag 1.16 English

Increase the performance of your PC with this defrag tool

Disk Sorter 11.7.24 English
Disk Sorter 11.7.24

One of the easiest and quickest ways order all your files

Easy Macro Recorder 4.9 English

Create your own macros as easily as possible

Advanced PC Optimizer 3.0 English

Keep your PC clean and optimized