Tools for Windows (Page 30)

All the tools and utilities you need to be able to make the most of your Windows computer, expanding its functions and improving your user experience

Pismo File Mount English
Pismo File Mount

Mount your compressed files in virtual folders

Astroburn Lite English
Astroburn Lite

Burn all sorts of optical discs with this brilliant program

WinOFF 5.0.1 English
WinOFF 5.0.1

Automate when to turn off your computer

e-Speaking English

Control your PC by voice using speech recognition software

Motorola Media Studio 3.0 English

Prepare your videos to watch them on your Motorola phone

After Work 2.0 English

Delete all the files that may threaten the privacy of your data

NT Registry Analyzer 3.0 English

Make sure your system registry file has no errors

StarBurn 15.7 English
StarBurn 15.7

Burn optical discs from a very user-friendly interface

New Utilities 4.0 English

Analyze and repair all your Windows problems

AutoHotkey English

Assign any action to a keyboard shortcut

MakeDisc 3.0 English

Create your CDs and DVDs with a Media Center interface

Eraser English

Definitely erases a file from your computer

PC Pitstop Erase English

Clean any trace of personal data from your computer

LabelPrint 2.5 English

Customize your CDs and DVDs with original labels

PC Pitstop Driver Alert English

Keep control over all your drivers

PowerProducer 6.0.1123.1 English
PowerProducer 6.0.1123.1

Change the way you produce and present your videos and photos

CopyTrans Suite 5.606 English
CopyTrans Suite 5.606

Transfer all the data from your iPod to your PC

LightScribe System Software English

Print your own covers directly on your CDs and DVDs with this technology

Nero Get Support Files English

Analyze the registry file searching for errors related with Nero products

O&O DiskStat Professional 2.0.396 English
O&O DiskStat Professional 2.0.396

Discover how the memory usage is distributed on your hard drive

InfraRecorder 0.53 English

A free open source alternative to Nero

VersionTracker Pro 4.1 English

Keep you applications and drivers up to date

Defraggler 2.22.995 English
Defraggler 2.22.995

One of the best free programs to defrag hard drives

TTSReader 1.30 English
TTSReader 1.30

Convert any text into audio in a matter of seconds

Glary Utilities English
Glary Utilities

Pack of tools to improve your PC's performance

Windows Live Essentials 16.4.3528 English

Ideal suite to communciate over the Internet

BlueBucket Deinstaller 1.61 English

Eliminate the trail that applications can leave behind on your PC

Time Synchronizer 2.0.012707 English
Time Synchronizer 2.0.012707

A precision watch on your PC

Ulead Burn.Now 1.5 English

Tool to burn CDs and DVDs

ISOpen 4.5.2 English
ISOpen 4.5.2

Complete tool to burn DVD and CD data discs

GameJackal Pro English
GameJackal Pro

Prevent your original discs from deteriorating

WinContig English

Defragment isolated folders or a full hard drive with this tool

FireStorm CD & DVD 2.5.1 English

Burn any kind of audio, video or data CDs and DVDs

Pablo Commander 1.4 English

A practical and totally free file explorer

Cookie Viewer 1.05 English

Learn which cookies are stored on your PC

Phone Easy Connect English

Access the Internet using your mobile phone

MOBILedit! English

Manage and control any aspect of your phone from your PC

Smart Defrag English
Smart Defrag

Defrag your computer's hard drive with great ease

ATI Tray Tools English
ATI Tray Tools

Make the most of your ATI card

Dustbin 1.491 English
Dustbin 1.491

Find and eliminate temporary files and trash from your hard drive