Tools for Windows (Page 30)

All the tools and utilities you need to be able to make the most of your Windows computer, expanding its functions and improving your user experience

System Silencer 5.0 English

Control the actions to be carried out when your PC becomes inactive

SlimCleaner English

Optimize and clean your computer for free

Ashampoo MyAutoplay Menu 1.0.5 English

Create customized menus for your data CDs and DVDs

MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.9 English

A practical tool to manage your Sony Ericsson phone

Argente StartUp Manager English

Efficiently manage the Windows startup

MyGodMode 1.4 English

Access all your operating system's options

Comodo Programs Manager English

Manage all the applications installed on your computer

PureText 6.2 English

Easily transform any text you copy to plain text

Libox Magellan English
Libox Magellan

The most interactive way to share photos, videos and music

HWiNFO32 6.12 English
HWiNFO32 6.12

Diagnostics tool for all the components of your computer

ASTRA32 3.81 English
ASTRA32 3.81

Obtain information about your system with maximum accuracy

OrangeCD Player 6.5.7 English

CD player with cataloging functions

AutoMZ Ultimate Tweaker 4.6 English

Optimize your computer in just a few seconds

Jolicloud Express 1.1 English
Jolicloud Express 1.1

A system adapted to your netbook

Clean Startup 1.07 English

Configure the Windows Startup to your own liking

Don't Sleep 8.61 English

Avoid that your computer turns off without you wanting it to do so

CrystalDiskInfo 8.12.7 English

Obtain high quality information about your hard drive

Alt+Tab Tuner English
Alt+Tab Tuner

Modify the Alt+Tab tool to your own liking

PE Builder 3.1.10a English
PE Builder 3.1.10a

Obtain a copy of your Windows XP in LiveCD format

DVD Rebuilder 0.98.2 English

Brilliant DVD ripping and recording software

BootZilla 5.3.0 English
BootZilla 5.3.0

Pack of utilities for your PC's maintenance

CodySafe English

Complete menu for your portable applications

ShadyTXT 1.90 English
ShadyTXT 1.90

Light customizable text editor

cdrLabel 7.1 English

Create labels for all the important data on your optical disks

ClipTorrent English

Correct the spelling of texts copied to the clipboard

DVDCover Plus 3.0 English

Create and print covers for any kind of DVD case

Battery4Life 2.0 English

Make sure you know how much battery you have left

OpenExpert 1.40 English

Substitute the 'Open with' menu for a more powerful option

East-Tec Eraser English
East-Tec Eraser

Delete confidential data and activity data from your PC

DVDStyler 3.0.4 English
DVDStyler 3.0.4

Create professional looking DVDs with your own videos

CBurner English

A simple program to burn ISO 9660 and UDF images

Cygwin 3.0.6 English
Cygwin 3.0.6

Access many of the Unix utilities on Windows

System Explorer 7.0.0 English

Receive detailed information about each process running on your PC

jv16 PowerTools English
jv16 PowerTools

Optimize the performance and stability of Windows

SpaceSniffer English

Discover in a single glance how you hard drive space is distributed

Motion Detection 1.5.0 English

Detect objects in movement from a sequence of images

Xinorbis 8.3.1 English
Xinorbis 8.3.1

Analyze the content of your hard drives very thoroughly

WSCC English

All the utilities to optimize your PC on the same interface

NT Registry Tweaker 1.0 English

Optimize Windows Registry with a couple of clicks

VolumeTouch 1.1 English

Simple utility that will allow you to control any application's volume