Tools for Windows (Page 33)

All the tools and utilities you need to be able to make the most of your Windows computer, expanding its functions and improving your user experience

DVD2one 2.4.2 English
DVD2one 2.4.2

Burn films in DVD format on 4.3 GB discs

CleanCache 3.5 English

Remove all sorts of temporary files, history records and cookies

Quick Zip 5.1.16 English
Quick Zip 5.1.16

Compress and expand all sorts of files

FireTune 1.2.0 English
FireTune 1.2.0

Rev up your Firefox browser

Cheetah CD Burner 4.15 English

Simple tool to burn optical discs

Cheetah DVD Burner 2.57 English

Very practical application to burn CDs and DVDs

TUGZip English

Free file decompression program with hundreds of options

FreeExtractor 1.44 English

The simplest way to create self-extracting ZIP files

AquaMark 3 English

Put your PC's power to the test before installing a game

PCMark 10 Basic Edition 1.1.1739 English
PCMark 10 Basic Edition 1.1.1739

The most popular benchmark program

Everest Corporate 5.50.2225 English

Control all your computer's hardware and software

Process Explorer 16.21 English

Control all the active processes on your computer

Total Commander 9.12 English

A file explorer with many extra functions

PowerArchiver 2018 18.00 English
PowerArchiver 2018 18.00

One of the most powerful multiformat compressors

gzip 1.3.12 English
gzip 1.3.12

Free compressor that has been ported from Linux

DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech English
DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech

Burn DVD Video in the simplest way

Alcoholer 4.1 English

Powerful interface that adapts Clony XXL to Alcohol 120 and other burners

Clony XXL English
Clony XXL

The ideal complement for CloneCD

CDRWin English

Efficient tool to copy your discs

ActiveSync 4.5 English

Synchronize Windows with your PDA and transfer contents

DVD Shrink English
DVD Shrink

Decrypt your original discs to be able to create backups

RegSupreme English

Great Windows registry cleaner

CloneDVD English

Create exact copies of original DVDs

Windows XP Security Update KB824146 English

Fix an important Windows XP security vulnerability

Windows XP Security Patch KB823980 English

Essential security update for Windows XP

Windows XP Advanced Networking Pack English

Optimise the IPv6 stack to improve how the Internet works

Alcohol 120% English
Alcohol 120%

A quality application that allows you to burn CDs and DVDs

WinISO English

View, edit and convert CD images to ISO format

Windows XP SP1a Service Pack 1 Express Install English
Windows XP SP1a Service Pack 1 Express Install

First Service Pack for the longest-standing Windows

Windows 2000 Security Q311401 English

Update your operating system to make Windows 2000 more secure

Windows 2000 Update KB292435 English

Security patch for Windows 2000 that avoids our system freezing

Windows NT SP6 (SP6a) Hotfix English
Windows NT SP6 (SP6a) Hotfix

Patch for the sixth pack of updates for Windows NT 4.0