Tools for Windows (Page 5)

All the tools and utilities you need to be able to make the most of your Windows computer, expanding its functions and improving your user experience

Driver Robot English
Driver Robot

Up-to-date drivers

Photobooth English

Turn your webcam into a photo booth

Memory Optimizer Pro 2 English
Memory Optimizer Pro 2

Optimize your computer's use of RAM memory

Windows 8 Simulator Beta English

Small example of what Windows 8 will have to offer

ShareMouse 4.0.46 English
ShareMouse 4.0.46

Share your mouse and keyboard between computers

Driver Agent 2.2015.7.14 English
BIOS Agent Plus 2.2019.0.31

Find out if your BIOS is out of date

360Amigo System Speedup English

Optimize your computer with just one tool

A bootable USB English

Install Windows from a USB drive

ClipMate 7.5.26 English
ClipMate 7.5.26

Substitute the Windows clipboard for this complete utility

DirectX 8 .1b Windows NT/2000 English
DirectX 8 .1b Windows NT/2000

Package of libraries and drivers to play, ideal for old PCs

Windows XP Mode 1.3.760016422 English
Windows XP Mode 1.3.760016422

Make Windows XP applications run on Windows 7

InkSaver 4.0.206 English
InkSaver 4.0.206

Save the ink of your ink cartridges with this simple program

Free Disk Analyzer English

Analyze your hard drive searching for heavy files

Windows Update Agent English

A tool to keep your Windows up to date

VirtualBox 6.0.14 English
VirtualBox 6.0.14

Virtualize your operating system remotely

CPU-Z 1.85 English
CPU-Z 1.85

A tool to benchmark your computer

TuneUp Utilities 2014 14.0.1000.324 English
TuneUp Utilities 2014 14.0.1000.324

An efficient way to fine tune your computer

Windows 2000 SP4 Network Install English
Windows 2000 SP4 Network Install

Latest update pack for Windows 2000

Nvidia Profile Inspector English

Real-time control of your Nvidia GPU

Advanced RAR Repair English

Program to repair corrupted RAR files

CCleaner Portable 5.66.7716 English

The portable version of CCleaner

Ubuntu 1804.2018.817.0 English
Ubuntu 1804.2018.817.0

Program to use Ubuntu without leaving Windows

WinZip Universal English

One of the best compression tools

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12.3.0 English

You'll always need to optimize

Ma-Config 7.1.3 English
Ma-Config 7.1.3

Find outdated drivers, software and hardware

Arabic Keyboard 5000 English

Write Arabic characters on Windows

WinSysClean X10 20.0 English

Keep your PC in perfect conditions

AnyTrans for iOS 7.5.0 English

iOS file manager for Windows

Remix OS 3.0.207 English
Remix OS 3.0.207

Install Android on your old computer

DS4Windows 2.0.3 English
DS4Windows 2.0.3

Adapt your PlayStation controller to your PC

Andy Nougat 47.226.1076.7 English
Andy Nougat 47.226.1076.7

Excellent free Android emulator

MobileGo 5.0.0 English
MobileGo 5.0.0

Manage your Android from your PC

HDDScan 4.0 English
HDDScan 4.0

Advanced tool to analyze disks

M-Audio Keyboard Controller Keystation 88es Driver English
M-Audio Keyboard Controller Keystation 88es Driver

Driver for M-Audio keyboard controllers

Roxio Creator NXT 6 English

One of the best optical disc creation applications

Shadow Defender English
Shadow Defender

Test your applications before installing them

ZenWriter 2.38 English
ZenWriter 2.38

Prepare your computer to write in peace and quiet

Ommwriter Dana 1 English
Ommwriter Dana 1

Text editor to write in piece and quiet

Perfect Keyboard 8.6.2 Professional English
Perfect Keyboard 8.6.2 Professional

Create keyboard shortcuts and automate repetitive tasks

ASUS Update 7.18.03 English
ASUS Update 7.18.03

Update the BIOS of your ASUS motherboard