Tools for Windows (Page 9)

All the tools and utilities you need to be able to make the most of your Windows computer, expanding its functions and improving your user experience

Nokia Software Updater 3.0.655 English

Update your Nokia mobile telephone

UltraSearch 2.3 English

Find any file very quickly

Virtual CD Hide English

Hide the virtual drives from protection systems

Driver Agent 2.2015.7.14 English
Driver Agent 2.2015.7.14

Discover which of your drivers aren't up to date

Clippy 2.0 English
Clippy 2.0

Greatly increase the options offered by the Windows clipboard

CloneCD English

Create exact copies of any CD or DVD

FreeDOS 1.2 English
FreeDOS 1.2

Alternative open source version of the classic MS-DOS

1 Click PC Fix 4.1 English

Recover your computer's speed

VirtualBox 6.1.10 English
VirtualBox 6.1.10

Virtualize your operating system remotely

VMware Player 15.1.0 English

Create a virtual machine to run any OS on your computer

Samsung Magician 5.3.1 English

The toolkit for your Samsung SSD hard drive

AMD Catalyst Driver 15.11.1 Beta English
AMD Catalyst Driver 15.11.1 Beta

Update the drivers of your graphics card

FreeArc 0.666 English
FreeArc 0.666

Compress your files very easily

Disktective 6.0 English

Analise the space on your hard drives

Phone Disk English
Phone Disk

Use your iPhone or iPad as a storage unit

Simple Performance Boost 1.0.5 English

Improve the performance of your computer

Infinity Lagger 1.0.0 Alpha English
Infinity Lagger 1.0.0 Alpha

Calculate the amount of operations per second of your processor

Visual Search Pony 16.0.0 English

Search for images and videos based on their contents

Listary 5.00.2843 English
Listary 5.00.2843

By means of a small box you will be able to find any file

Rainmeter 4.2 English

Customize your desktop with useful info

eyeOS 2.5 English
eyeOS 2.5

Enjoy a desktop on the web

Free Virtual Keyboard 4.1 English

Virtual keyboard especially designed for touchscreen PCs

Sony Ericsson PC Suite 6.011.00 English

Essential tool for your mobile phone

Free Disk Analyzer English

Analyze your hard drive searching for heavy files

TextAloud 4.0.39 English
TextAloud 4.0.39

Make you computer read any text out loud

GeForce Driver Release 452.06 English
GeForce Driver Release 452.06

Make the most of your NVIDIA GeForce/ION graphic card

Total Uninstall 6.27.0 English

The best way to uninstall our programs

ConvertXtoDVD English

Convert video files and burn them onto a DVD

Windows 2000 SP4 Network Install English
Windows 2000 SP4 Network Install

Latest update pack for Windows 2000

Windows 2000 SP1 Network Install English
Windows 2000 SP1 Network Install

First pack of updates for Windows 2000

Waltr 2.7.17 English
Waltr 2.7.17

Manage the multimedia files and docs on your iOS devices

KORO USB Disk Formatter English

App to format USB disks and memory sticks

Android PC Sync Manager English

Manage your Android comfortably from your PC

TunesGo 9.7.3 English
TunesGo 9.7.3

A program to make the most of your smartphone

Chrome Cleanup Tool 19.107.0 English

The official maintenance tool for Google Chrome

Geekbench 5.0.1 English
Geekbench 5.0.1

Assess the performance of your multicore proccessor

Windows Essentials 2012 English

Microsoft's essential programs

XBoot 1.0.14 English
XBoot 1.0.14

Easily create multiboot pendrives and ISO

RegistryBooster 2018 6.3 English
RegistryBooster 2018 6.3

Optimize the Windows registry file

CleanAfterMe 1.37 English

Clean registry entries and system files