Is xVideoServiceThief free?

Both downloading and using xVideoServiceThief is totally free of charge. You can download the program from SourceForge (and also from Malavida), the software repository from where you can get hold of any file for free. However, this doesn’t necessarily means that the software is 100% free as it could be shareware, freemium or a version with limited function unless you pay a certain amount of money. But that’s not the case of this program, as you don’t have to pay a cent for download, installing and using this software.

The thing is that this program is developed under the GNU General Public License which is a copyright license used to code free and open-source software that allows the free distribution and use of the source code to develop other applications. Therefore its developers never charge anything other than a possible donation.

After installing the program, you’ll see that you can browse through all its functions, download videos freely, and use its file conversion functions without any trouble. However, if you take a close look at the top right hand corner of the interface, you’ll see that there’s a PayPal icon. That’s been placed there by its developer for you to contribute towards the development of the application with a few dollars or at least buy him a couple of beers if you’re happy with the program.

The truth is that it’s not a bad price if we bear in mind all the online video streaming sources it accepts and the fact that we can download the files to our PC and convert them to be used on other devices or any other edition project that we want to carry out.