Mac Software of the day

macOS Monterey 12.0.1 English

macOS Monterey

Greater and better productivity for macOS

Dropbox 280.2.2 English


Store files on an online hard drive and access them whenever you want


  • Signal 5.44.1 English Signal

    The most private messaging service

  • Google Chrome 102.0.5005.63 English Google Chrome

    The Mac version of the browser by Google

  • Google Chrome Canary 104.0.5082.0 English Google Chrome Canary

    Make the most of the latest updates to Google's browser

  • GeoGebra 6.0.707.0 English GeoGebra

    The most entertaining and easy way to learn maths

  • Tor Browser 11.0.10 English Tor Browser

    Browse the Internet anonymously

  • Krita 5.0.6 English Krita

    Complete open source image editor

  • Vivaldi 5.2.2623.48 English Vivaldi

    The most flexible browser

  • Firefox 100.0.2 English Firefox

    The fastest and most optimized version of Mozilla's browser

  • DVDFab English DVDFab

    Program to clone, rip, and create backups of DVDs and Blu-rays

  • Viber English Viber

    Free calls and messages from Mac




Editor’s Pick

  • VLC Media Player English VLC Media Player

    VLC is considered the best multimedia player for Mac

  • iTunes 12.8.2 English iTunes

    Apple's multimedia player and cataloger

  • Little Snitch 5.4.1 English Little Snitch

    Protect your computer's privacy

  • Transmission 3.00 English Transmission

    The most powerful BitTorrent client for Mac

  • Google Chrome 102.0.5005.63 English Google Chrome

    The Mac version of the browser by Google

  • Skype English Skype

    Calls, video calls and messaging for free

  • Microsoft Word 2016 English Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Office's text editor

  • Minecraft 1125 English Minecraft

    The Mac version of the most famous sandbox construction game

  • Caffeine 1.1.1 English Caffeine

    Keep your Mac awake for whenever you need it

  • Final Cut Pro X 10.6.2 English Final Cut Pro X

    Considered by many as the best video editor for Mac