File Archivers for Mac

File archiving software for Mac to zip and unzip files and extract files from folders compressed in the most popular formats such as ZIP or RAR

WinZip 7 English

The most popular decompressor in the world for Mac

RAR Extractor Lite 5.6.1 English
RAR Extractor Lite 5.6.1

Tool to decompress files in different formats

iZip Unarchiver 3.0.0 English

Perfect tool to open compressed files

MacUnace 2.5 English

Quickly decompress any ACE file

UnRarX 2.2 English
UnRarX 2.2

Easily decompress and repair RAR files

RAR Expander 0.84 English

Easily expand RAR files on your Mac

The Unarchiver 4.1.0 English

Alternative file compressor

Ez7z 2.14 English
Ez7z 2.14

Drag and zip

YemuZip 2.5 English
YemuZip 2.5

Simple and useful ZIP file compressor

Zipeg English

File decompressor for Mac

Pacifist 3.6.1 English
Pacifist 3.6.1

Extract files and folders of compressed files

7zX 1.7.1 English
7zX 1.7.1

Reduce the size of your files between 30 and 70%

Keka 1.1.15 English
Keka 1.1.15

Practical and functional file compressor for free

Stuffit Expander 16.0.6 English

Free tool that decompresses in several formats

Ziplight 1.3 English

Search through the contents of a ZIP file

BetterZip 4.2.3 English
BetterZip 4.2.3

The best tool to create and open compressed files

RAR 5.7.1 English
RAR 5.7.1

Decompressor for one of the most popular formats