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The perfect organizer for your eBooks

May 31, 2024
7 / 10

The expansion within the editorial field of eBooks and the devices that can read them is making it essential to have a good library application that allows you to have all of them ordered and accessible from your computer. Like for example Calibre.

All the information about your books.

One of the things that Calibre stands out for most is that it allows you to see, import, save and edit all the metadata information of your books that are included in your database, being able to check the metadata information directly with the database, as well as others that are less known but equally complete.

What more does it offer?

  • Allows you to synchronize the library with the vast majority of electronic reader devices available on the current market.
  • Can convert the books among the most common formats.
  • As well as the metadata, Calibre also allows you to add tags to the books, in such a way that it will be a lot easier to access them.
  • The download of feeds from the Internet in eBook format.
  • An internal reader to be able to read books directly on your computer's screen.

Furthermore, Calibre has the added value that all the functions that it offers can be expanded by means of a wide range of complements, and each day there are new ones that increase this offer.

Therefore, it you want to have one of the best programs to handle, catalog and convert your electronic books on your Mac, download Calibre.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: OS X 10.8.
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