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1.1.1 Caffeine is a tool for Mac that allows you to keep your computer awake with a click. Download Caffeine for free and avoid that your Mac goes to sleep
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Caffeine is a simple application that, while active, will avoid your computer going on standby. Even though this function can be configured through the System Preferences, with this software you'll always have a small cup of coffee, on the right side of the menu bar, available to save you time.

A shot of caffeine for your Mac

If the coffee cup is full or active, the computer won't go to sleep. This is really useful when we're watching a film, we have a download application running, or we simply don't want our Mac to fall asleep. With a simple click on the cup, it will appear empty, and Caffeine will be deactivated. Therefore, the computer will go to sleep whenever it's configured to do so.

Avoid your computer from falling asleep, whatever it takes.

Caffeine has a simple set of options that can be seen by right-clicking on its icon. By means of these options we'll be able to program the application to stay active during a specific amount of time, that can range from 5 minutes to 5 hours. We can also configure if the application will open when the system starts, and it will activate then.

With Caffeine you'll be able to watch films on your Mac without it going to sleep, no matter what configuration you have. You'll only have to worry about not falling asleep yourself.

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