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Download SketchUp free for Mac, it will allow to have access to 3D designing and modeling software. SketchUp is recommended for users of all levels


3D design and modeling for everyone

August 2, 2018
9 / 10

SketchUp is a simple and at the same time powerful 3D modeling software application with which you will be able to start designing anything that you think of: houses, buildings, spaces, infrastructures, vehicles, objects...

Intuitive, entertaining and free, so everyone can use it.

If there is something that really stands out about SketchUp it has to be how easy it is to use. Forget about that cliché in which 3D designing and modeling programs are things that are only suitable for computer and engineering geeks: SketchUp has been developed thinking about all users and their needs.

Features of SketchUp Make

  • 3D Design and modeling software for Mac.
  • Build your own models and obtain templates and projects lodged for other users on the Google 3D gallery.
  • Work precisely with two unique elements: edges and sides.
  • Includes the patented 'Push/pull/ tool to create 3D shapes from 2D share by means of extrusion.
  • Apply colors and textures with the 'Paint' tool and use shadows in search of the maximum realism.
  • Create section plans.
  • Save perspectives of your projects and create animations with them.
  • Add all kinds of tags.
  • Work by means of layers and diagrams.
  • Use SketchUp and Google Earth together.
  • Import 3DS files and images in JPG, TIFF, PNG and PDF format.
  • Export raster images with up to 10,000 pixels in TIFF, JPEG and PNG format.
  • Complete support for video tutorials, a help center and a big user community.

A new step for SketchUp

Google was the company in charge of the distribution of this product up until not so long ago, when it was acquired by Trimble, dedicated to system locating and positioning.

A new home for SketchUp.

The users nevertheless have detected few changes to data. SketchUp is still a brilliant product which provides exceptional and easy-to-use features.

Download SketchUp free for Mac. Creating designs and projects in 3D had never been so simple and entertaining.

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