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Once you download Spotify for free you will be able to access the songs of your favourite artists at any moment. Enjoy your favorite music with Spotify

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The Internet has led to many advances related to the world of music, from online production tools or new audio formats, to the distribution of albums and record sales. Spotify has been one of the most important advances.

A real revolution for the music industry

Spotify has meant a real revolution with regard to the music world, because it is a platform by means of which you can listen to thousands of groups from all over the world by means of streaming, without needing to download any them onto your computer.

The program has a search engine thanks to which it will be possible to find the songs and groups that you want, a playlist manager with which you can listen to your favourite songs without having to browse the full record catalogue of the bands you like most.

Comfortable and with all the music just one click away.

The application also offers you the possibility to buy some of the songs that you can listen to and has a special mode, thanks to which you'll be able to select the time period and the music styles that you want, and the program will automatically generate the playlists.

Music, as social as ever

Spotify includes different social network integration systems, to share whichever songs you want with all your contacts easily. The program's appearance is very appealing, which is mainly due to the fact that the distribution of the elements is perfect and that it uses a rather pleasant colour combination.

If you want to try one of the most important applications in the music industry, download Spotify as soon as possible.

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