Spotify Music Android With Spotify Music you will be able to enjoy the popular music streaming service directly from your smartphone. Listen online or download millions of songs
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The biggest revolution in the music scene in the last 20 years, even more than Napster, is likely to come from online music streaming. That is, the technology that allows you to play and listen to music with an Internet connection without downloading anything. It is on it that YouTube is based but if we talk about music there is certainly a name that comes to mind: Spotify.

Play all the music, radio and podcasts on your Android

If the download of albums and songs in MP3 had put in check the physical format, it has been this modality that has even been able to greatly reduce the download of illegal music by attacking one of the problems wielded by the industry: piracy. All thanks to a system that allows you to listen to music for free in exchange for ads or paying a monthly subscription fee to get rid of them.

New music, radio or favorite podcasts at the click of a button on your mobile.

Bringing this system to your smartphone or tablet is as simple as downloading the Spotify Music APK. This is the player that gives you access to your entire online catalog. How many songs does it have? More than 60 million, so I doubt you'll get to listen to them all even once. At the same time if you are one of the premium users you can benefit from one of its advantages such as offline listening.

Main features

  • Includes millions of hours of music, radio and podcasts.
  • Search for artists, songs, albums and playlists among its catalog.
  • Supports private listening.
  • Great sound quality.
  • We can share music with our friends.
  • Allows you to create and synchronize playlists.
  • We can listen to music on mobile, tablet, PC, Chromecast, TV and speakers.
  • Music can be discovered for different moods or activities.

Of course, Spotify music and podcasts can be listened to randomly and for free in any language. However, with the Premium plan, you can enjoy everything without ads and with certain additional features such as the ability to listen to music offline, listen to personalized music or have multiple accounts or better sound quality.

Undoubtedly this system is one of the best to listen to music on Android with all comfort. Better than Pandora, Apple Music or SoundCloud? I would almost dare to say yes: the catalog and accessibility alone is worth it. Tidal is not bad either!

What's new in the latest version

  • No changelog available for the latest version of the app.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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Spotify Music Tips & Tricks

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