The best music and audio apps for Android

Check out our selection of apps related with the world of audio and music. Download songs, listen to online music or learn how to write and produce your very own music

YT3 Music Downloader 4.9.91 English

Application to download videos and music from YouTube

Spotify English

The Spotify app for Android tablets and smartphones

Fildo 4.9.1 English
Fildo 4.9.1

App to download and stream MP3 music

Apple Music 4.7.0 English

The Apple streaming music service now available for Android

Cross DJ Free 4.0.1 English

Turn your phone into your own audio mixer

TinyTunes 1.17.1 English
TinyTunes 1.17.1

The app to download free music for Android in MP3 format

Poweramp build-981-uni English
Poweramp build-981-uni

Powerful audio player for Android

Samsung Music English
Samsung Music

Music player optimized for Samsung devices

Shazam 14.14.0 English
Shazam 14.14.0

The app to identify songs with your smartphone

BandLab 10.66.2 English
BandLab 10.66.2

Make music on your Android

YouTube Music 6.40.52 English
YouTube Music 6.40.52

YouTube's Android application to listen to music online

SoundCloud 2024.02.13 English
SoundCloud 2024.02.13

The largest social network for musicians and music enthusiasts

TREBEL 6.0.4 English
TREBEL 6.0.4

Legal app to download music for free

SoundAbout English

Complete control over your phone's audio

Lark Player 5.69.6 English
Lark Player 5.69.6

Free full-featured music and video player

ViPER4Android FX English

Control all the audio of your Android

Google Recorder 4.2.20231207.599060048 English
Google Recorder 4.2.20231207.599060048

Google's recording app

Pandora 2401.1 English
Pandora 2401.1

Android app of the legal online music streaming service

Winamp 1.4.15 English
Winamp 1.4.15

A classic music player

Virtual DJ Music Mixer 1.2 English

Turn your Android device into a mixing console

rekordbox English

Manage your Pioneer DJ equipment

Speech Services by Google 20240121.02 English

The Google text-to-speech application

Automatic Call Recorder 6.54.1 English

Record calls on your Android

DJ Studio 5.9.1 English
DJ Studio 5.9.1

Mix your music on your smartphone

Radio FM 17.8.4 English
Radio FM 17.8.4

App to listen to radio stations from around the world

AIMP 4.05.1393 English
AIMP 4.05.1393

A lightweight, full-featured audio player

Android Accessibility Suite English
Android Accessibility Suite

The tool for visually impaired Android users

iHeartRadio 10.37.0 English
iHeartRadio 10.37.0

Free radio stations and podcasts

Voice Aloud Reader 29.2.0 English

Practical tool to read texts out loud

App Volume Control 2.23 English

Configure the volume of each application

Songsterr 5.21.11 English
Songsterr 5.21.11

Learn to play thousands of songs on your guitar

TuneIn Radio 33.4 English

The best app to listen to the radio from all over the world

AccuRadio 2.4.8 English
AccuRadio 2.4.8

Listen to radios of all kinds of music

SiriusXM 7.2.0 English
SiriusXM 7.2.0

Listen to the best online radio on Android

iVoox English
iVoox 2.3192

The best free podcast app for Android

ACR Call Recorder 35.0 English
ACR Call Recorder 35.0

Call recording software

Huawei Music English
Huawei Music

Huawei's music player

Deezer Music English
Deezer Music

One of the best apps to listen to music online on Android

Volume Booster GOODEV 7.8 English

Optimize and boost the volume of your Android

Amazon Music 24.2.0 English
Amazon Music 24.2.0

Amazon's Android application for online music

Easy Voice Recorder 2.8.7 English

The best audio recorder for Android

FL Studio Mobile 4.5.4 English

Great audio and MIDI sequencer for Android

ORG 2024 2024.1.1.2 English
ORG 2024 2024.1.1.2

A keyboard in your pocket

StarMaker Karaoke 8.56.2 English

A karaoke with thousands of songs and social functions

Spotify Lite English
Spotify Lite

The lightweight version of Spotify

Setbeat 2.6.0 English
Setbeat 2.6.0

Listen to music and download it for free

MuseScore 2.13.0 English
MuseScore 2.13.0

Thousands of scores and different kinds of instruments

Ultimate Guitar 7.0.26 English

Discover thousands of chords for playing the guitar

callX 10.9 English
callX 10.9

Record all your phone calls

GTunes Music V8 4.38 English
GTunes Music V8 4.38

An app to download music in MP3

edjing Mix 7.15.01 English
edjing Mix 7.15.01

Turn your cell phone into a mixing console

Perfect Piano 7.7.9 English

Learn to play the piano on your mobile

Sony Audio Recorder 2.01.42 English

Sony's official application to record audio

Real Guitar Free 3.40.1 English

An application to learn how to play the guitar

Vyng 2.7.4 English
Vyng 2.7.4

Enjoy every call you make

Smule 11.4.9 English
Smule 11.4.9

Karaoke application for Android

AutoRap by Smule 3.3.3 English

Become a rap expert

Google Podcasts English
Google Podcasts

Google's podcast service

Simply Piano 7.22.7 English
Simply Piano 7.22.7

Lean to play the piano with this app

Walk Band 7.6.2 English
Walk Band 7.6.2

Play several instruments in the same app

Pocket Casts 7.56 English

The best podcast service for Android

myTuner Radio 9.3.9 English

Tune into thousands of stations with your Android phone

musiXmatch 7.11.1 English
musiXmatch 7.11.1

The most famous lyrics player

Ares MP3 Music Player 2.7.4 English

Very basic music player for Android

Spotify X English
Spotify X

Listen to ad-free music online

BlackHole 1.15.10 English
BlackHole 1.15.10

Free online music player

Freezer 0.6.14 English
Freezer 0.6.14

Download free Deezer music

YouTube Music Vanced 4.57.52 English

Enjoy YouTube Music without limitations

YTmp3 1.0.4 English
YTmp3 1.0.4

Download music and videos from different portals

AIDS 1.058 English
AIDS 1.058

Download all of Deezer's music

DeezLoader 2.6.5 English
DeezLoader 2.6.5

Download music on Deezer

Current 1.231.0 English
Current 1.231.0

Earn money by listening to music on your Android

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio English

Powerful MIDI audio sequencer

OKmusi 4.2.2 English
OKmusi 4.2.2

Download music and videos from different websites

Evil Operator 1.252 English

Play phone pranks and record your calls

Power Button to Volume Button 1.0.4 English

Switch the power button for the volume button on your Android

Voloco 8.13.1 English
Voloco 8.13.1

Voice processor with effects and mixes

AnyMusic 4.2.5 English
AnyMusic 4.2.5

Download music and videos with your mobile phone

MP3 Music Download 1.4.4 English

Download music to your Android device

Musify 7.4.0 English
Musify 7.4.0

Ad-free music streaming player

JTSpotify+ 3.0 English

Spotify-inspired music streaming player with enhanced functions

SpotiFlyer 3.6.1 English
SpotiFlyer 3.6.1

Download songs from major music services

MP3 Music Download Pro 1.0 English

Search for and download songs in MP3

Tubidy 1.3.9 English
Tubidy 1.3.9

Download songs from the Internet

Google Play Music 8.29.9113-1.W English
Google Play Music 8.29.9113-1.W

Listen to a catalog with more than 40 million songs

Recording Studio Lite 6.0.0 English
Recording Studio Lite 6.0.0

Create music with this recording studio

Resso 3.1.7 English
Resso 3.1.7

Online music service that lets users express themselves

AudioLab 1.2.95 English
AudioLab 1.2.95

Comprehensive audio editor for Android

Easy Mp3 Downloader 3.2 English

Download MP3s to your Android for Spotify 1.6.4 English

Discover your music stats

Audiomack 6.23.2 English
Audiomack 6.23.2

Discover and enjoy listening to online music

DistroKid 1.3.2 English
DistroKid 1.3.2

Streaming music distribution service

Moises 2.7.6 English
Moises 2.7.6

Separate instruments and vocals tracks in a song

Apple Music Classical 1.1.0 English

Apple's classical music app comes to Android

Boomplay 6.7.22 English
Boomplay 6.7.22

Listen and download music for free

Sony Music 9.4.13.A.1.3 English
Sony Music 9.4.13.A.1.3

Sony's music player

eSound 4.13.5 English
eSound 4.13.5

Stream your favorite music

Lesser AudioSwitch 2.7.2 English

Tool to force the smartphone audio through the speaker or headphones

DiscDj 3D v11.0.2s English
DiscDj 3D v11.0.2s

An authentic mixer on your smartphone

Soundcorset Tuner & Metronome 6.47 English

App for tuning instruments with a metronome

Avee Music Player Pro 1.2.129 English

Lightweight music player

Mixtube 4.2.1 English
Mixtube 4.2.1

Listen to music directly from YouTube

Neutron Music Player 2.21.9 English

High-quality audio player

djay Free 3.0.15 English
djay Free 3.0.15

The application to deejay music from Spotify

Rhymes for Rap 8.0.8 English

Rhymes for your rap songs and poems

Mi Music English
Mi Music

The music player for Xiaomi

Stellio Player 6.7.0 English

Stylish music player for Android

Podcast Go 2.20.7 English
Podcast Go 2.20.7

Complete podcast application

Music AI 4.0.9 English
Music AI 4.0.9

Put your voice or the voice of other characters in your favorite songs

Caustic 3 3.2.0 English
Caustic 3 3.2.0

A complete application to create music rhythms

edjing PRO LE 1.08.02 English
edjing PRO LE 1.08.02

The best tool to deejay on Android

xManager for Spotify 5.2 English

Manage and install any available version of Spotify

360 Music Player 1.0 English

MP3 music player for Android

Ares Online 2.3 English

App for downloading free MP3 music from the Internet

ViMusic 0.5.4 English
ViMusic 0.5.4

YouTube-based music player

Simple MP3 Downloader 1.6.7 English

The easiest-to-use app to download music in MP3

Motorola FM Radio 02.04.0001 English
Motorola FM Radio 02.04.0001

The radio app developed by Motorola

Music Download Paradise 1.3 English

Download music from Internet in MP3 format

Mp3Juice 11.5.10 English
Mp3Juice 11.5.10

Search for, listen to, and download as much music as you like

Musicolet 6.10.2 English
Musicolet 6.10.2

A music player that is small, but tough

Music Player 5.6.0 English

An MP3 player for Android

Narrator's Voice 13.0.6 English

Convert any text into audio

Music Maniac 3.0.0 English

Application to download music in MP3 to your Android

BACKTRACKIT 11.2.4 English

An application to help you improve your musician skills

VRadio 2.1.4 English
VRadio 2.1.4

Listen to the radio from your Android

Samsung SoundAlive 9.4.70 English

Launch the Samsung sound on external speakers

WeDJ English

Compose your own electronic music

WaveEditor 1.83 English

Record and edit your own audios

Wynk Music English
Wynk Music

Online music service from India

PlayerPro 5.35 English
PlayerPro 5.35

A powerful and elegant music player

Talk 2.7.5 English
Talk 2.7.5

App to read text out loud in several languages

Lexis Audio Editor 1.2.141 English

Record audio and edit it on the fly

Shazam Lite 1.1.0-170321 English
Shazam Lite 1.1.0-170321

The lightest version of Shazam

XTunes 1.0.3 English
XTunes 1.0.3

Listen to all India's music in a single app

Female Voice Changer 1.3 English

Distort your voice with female tones

Metro 5.8.5 English
Metro 5.8.5

An alternative music player to Retro Music

RYT 4.9.95 English
RYT 4.9.95

App for downloading and playing music

Equalizer FX 3.4.6 English

Equalizer to improve the audio quality of an Android device

Music Maker Jam 7.2.0 English

Sequencer to compose music

ReVanced Music 6.31.55 English

Listen to music whenever you want and without ads

DJ It! 1.10.1 English
DJ It! 1.10.1

Mix tunes like a pro and become a DJ

Smart Recorder 1.11.1 English

Simple and convenient audio recorder for Android

Murglar 1.7.17_148 English
Murglar 1.7.17_148

Listen and download music from different services

Real Piano 1.24 English

Play the piano on your Android English

Live radio streaming application

Gaana Music 8.39.1 English
Gaana Music 8.39.1

The best Indian music app

RadioDroid 0.84 English

Listen to thousands of online stations on your Android

Chord AI 2.0.22 English
Chord AI 2.0.22

Get the chords of any song

Equalizer Music Player 4.3.1 English

Powerful, full-featured music player with built-in equalizer

Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft 2.3.7 English

Music free to be downloaded