The best music and audio apps for Android

Check out our selection of apps related with the world of audio and music. Download songs, listen to online music or learn how to write and produce your very own music

Spotify Music English
Spotify Music

Spotify's app for Android smartphones and tablets

Pandora 2101.1 English
Pandora 2101.1

Android app of the legal online music streaming service

Shazam 11.16.0-210226 English
Shazam 11.16.0-210226

The Android application to identify songs

Virtual DJ Music Mixer 1.2 English

You only need an Android to be a DJ

Setbeat 2.6.0 English
Setbeat 2.6.0

Listen to music and download it for free

TuneIn Radio 26.1 English

The best app to listen to the radio from all over the world

FL Studio Mobile 3.5.2 English

Great audio and MIDI sequencer for Android

JioSaavn Music (JioMusic) 7.6.1 English

The Spotify of Hindi music

Evil Operator 1.252 English

Play phone pranks and record your calls

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio English

Powerful MIDI audio sequencer

DeezLoader 2.6.5 English
DeezLoader 2.6.5

Download music on Deezer

AIDS 1.058 English
AIDS 1.058

Download all of Deezer's music

Vyng Video Ringtones 4.0.20 English

Make the most of each call

ViPER4Android FX English

Control all the audio of your Android

SoundAbout English

Complete control over your phone's audio

Fildo 4.2.2 English
Fildo 4.2.2

App to download music in MP3

Audiomack 5.7.6 English
Audiomack 5.7.6

Discover and enjoy listening to online music

Freezer 0.6.9 English
Freezer 0.6.9

Download free Deezer music

Current 1.73.2 English
Current 1.73.2

Earn money by listening to music on your Android

Wynk Music English
Wynk Music

Online music service from India

TIDAL 2.30.2 English
TIDAL 2.30.2

Music streaming in CD quality for Android

xManager for Spotify 1.4 English

Manage and install any available version of Spotify

DJ Studio 5.7.2 English
DJ Studio 5.7.2

Use your phone or tablet as a DJ mixer

callX 8.9 English
callX 8.9

Record all your phone calls

Female Voice Changer 1.3 English

Distort your voice with female tones

XTunes 1.0.3 English
XTunes 1.0.3

Listen to all India's music in a single app

YouTube Music 4.17.51 English
YouTube Music 4.17.51

YouTube's Android application to listen to music online

Resso 1.28.0 English
Resso 1.28.0

Online music service that lets users express themselves

Sony Music 9.4.8.A.0.13 English
Sony Music 9.4.8.A.0.13

Sony's music player

Radio FM 12.6.2 English
Radio FM 12.6.2

Listen to radio stations from all over the world

Music Download Paradise 1.3 English

Download music from Internet in MP3 format

YT3 Music Downloader 4.2 English

Application to download videos and music from YouTube

edjing PRO LE 1.5.4 English

The best tool to deejay on Android

Sony Audio Recorder 2.01.42 English

Sony's official application to record audio

DiscDj 3D v4.007s English
DiscDj 3D v4.007s

An authentic mixer on your smartphone

Recording Studio Lite 2.0.0 English
Recording Studio Lite 2.0.0

Create music with this recording studio

Beatfind 1.2 English

Identify songs in a matter of seconds

Real Piano 1.15 English

Play the piano on your Android

ORG 2021 2021. English
ORG 2021 2021.

A keyboard in your pocket

Gaana Music 8.20.1 English
Gaana Music 8.20.1

The best Indian music app