The best text-to-speech apps on Android

Convert any text to voice to be able to listen to it read out loud on your mobile device thanks to this list of the best text-to-speech apps for Android smartphones

T2S: Text to Voice 0.9.2 English

An app that reads any text out loud

Voice Aloud Reader 18.2.0 English

Practical tool to read texts out loud

Talk 2.3.5 English
Talk 2.3.5

App to read text out loud in several languages

Speechnotes 1.70 English

Press a button and dictate your voice

Ava 2.2 English
Ava 2.2

An app for the deaf or with hearing problems

Live Transcribe 3.0.313045562 English
Live Transcribe 3.0.313045562

Speech-to-text app to transcribe voice messages

Android Accessibility Suite English

The tool for visually impaired Android users

IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ English

The best TTS engine for Android

StreamShell 2.5 English

Interesting webs and emails read out loud

Google Text-to-Speech English
Google Text-to-Speech

Google's text-to-speech application to read texts out loud

SpeechSynthesis Data Installer 1.0.3 English

Files necessary for TTS on Android

WhoIsCalling 2.2.4 English

Incoming calls with voice identification