Android Accessibility Suite

Modern phones complicate information access on behalf of blind users. Android Accessibility Suite is a service that simplifies the use of these devices

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Nowadays, our society intends to guarantee universal accessibility for everyone and to remove barriers that prevent the interaction and access to the services, goods, and products that are necessary for our lives.

To gain this accessibility in the case of blind or visually impaired users, we need to build a bridge towards communication and information. For such purpose, acoustic signals have been developed, as well as movie and video description methods, technical aids, audio guides... All the measures considered necessary to help blind people to cope by themselves.

Google also wants to make its contribution in this field, helping all possible users to access its mobile operating system. Android Accessibility Suite is a service that helps visually impaired users to move explore the options and applications of their smartphones much easier. This service adds voice messages and vibrations to the device, allowing us to select options without having to access them directly, and plays whatever text appears on the screen by means of voice synthesis or text-to-speech.

How to activate TalkBack

This useful option for Google's operating system that manages to bring technology to a group of people that already has to avoid enough barriers in their daily life can be easily activated:

  1. Step 1: go to the specific configuration of your smartphone, following the path Settings > General > Accessibility > Vision.
  2. Step 2: enable the Talkback option, read the warning, and accept the pop-up message.
  3. Step 3: once running, the phone will behave differently. With a single tap on a button or tactile area, our smartphone will only select the area so that the user can identify it with this accessibility if necessary. To open the menu or the application, you need to tap twice. Furthermore, to scroll you need to use two fingers instead of one.

What's new in the latest version

  • Braille TalkBack keyboard to write on the screen.
  • Fixes bugs and improves aspects of different functions such as Select to Speak, Switch Access, and TalkBack.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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