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The Zueira's Voice is a text-to-speech app that lets the user read texts with the voice of the Loquendo software and save recordings to use them offline

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Loquendo is the now legendary text-to-speech software that has been used in thousands of comedy videos. The Zueira's Voice is an application that uses its voice as well as other voices to read the text entered by the user.

App for reading texts aloud

This is a very simple-to-use app that allows the user to write text to be read aloud. It can be used on the fly or record the audio to be shared with other applications or used when there is no Internet connection. The main purpose for most users indeed is to play pranks and have fun, but it can be useful in situations where making yourself understood in another language is not easy and you need to use pre-recorded words and expressions.

These are the main features and functions offered by the application:

  • Text audio playback function.
  • Different voices are available, including that of Loquendo.
  • Audio storage function.
  • Pre-recorded expressions.
  • Option to share audio with other applications.
  • Light and dark themes for the app.
  • Customization of audio text playback.
Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Bruno Piovan
This month
10.5 MB

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