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Are you tired of writing your notes on your Android device? The SpeechTexter application uses speech recognition AI so you can dictate your texts!


Create text notes by dictating

March 7, 2023
8 / 10

Today, typed or digital writing has become an indispensable and constant element in our lives. If you are tired of writing on your screen, you can use this voice dictation writing tool.

You speak, the app writes

SpeechTexter is an automatic text-to-speech application. This means that you can speak, and the system will transform your words directly into digital text.

To use this app, you need to download the APK file. Then, select the language in which you are going to speak. Finally, click the gray button with the microphone icon and begin blabbering.

A powerful speech-to-text application that provides continuous speech recognition with a customized dictionary.

Obviously, this tool is not infallible, and you can edit the digitized text with the keyboard. Also, the dictionary offers the possibility of adding your own punctuation commands.

The system supports over 60 languages, some of which are available offline. However, the speech recognition will be more accurate if you have an Internet connection.

If you are tired of typing on inconvenient smartphone or tablet keyboards, this app offers a basic and easy-to-use system to dictate texts comfortably. You must have the Google app installed on the device... if it was not installed by default.

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