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Volume Booster GOODEV is capable of boosting the volume of your smartphone by 20% to 30%. It will make notifications and calls on your device louder


Optimize and boost the volume of your Android

January 4, 2024
8 / 10

In order to boost the volume of an Android tablet or smartphone, you can download Volume Booster GOODEV Android. Volume Booster GOODEV APK allows you to make your device louder and thereby hear it better in different situations, such as when you receive a call (it does not adjust the speakerphone during phone calls), when you receive notifications, when the alarm goes off...

Optimize the volume of your device at the press of a button.

Almost a third more volume on your smartphone

Volume Booster GOODEV APK offers the following features:

  • Increases volume by between 20% and 30%.
  • Sound equalizer for headphones and speakers.
  • Simple interface for calibrating and setting up sounds.
  • Volume optimization for calls, alarms, music, notifications, and voice.
  • The app's notification icon can be displayed or hidden.

However, the developers warn that the use of the app is at the user's own risk. A loud volume, especially over a prolonged period of time, can damage the speakers and damage hearing. Apparently, certain users have even said that the use of the app has damaged their smartphones, therefore, be very careful when you download Volume Booster GOODEV Android.

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