The best apps to make music and edit audio on Android

If you want to produce your own music or create any kind of audio, with all sorts of tools, edits and effects, just take a look at our apps to make music and edit audio

FL Studio Mobile 3.3.10 English

Great audio and MIDI sequencer for Android

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio English

Powerful MIDI audio sequencer

ORG 2020 2020. English
ORG 2020 2020.

A keyboard in your pocket

Voloco 5.4.2 English
Voloco 5.4.2

Voice processor with effects and mixes

Recording Studio Lite 2.0.0 English
Recording Studio Lite 2.0.0

Create music with this recording studio

Music Maker Jam 6.6.2 English

Sequencer to compose music

Groove Mixer 2.3.1 English

Mixer and drum machine in the same app

WavePad Audio Editor 10.57 English

Record audio and edit it on your Android

Soundcorset Tuner & Metronome 4.8 English

App for tuning instruments with a metronome

Rap Fame 2.59.2 English
Rap Fame 2.59.2

Record your own songs as a rapper

Lexis Audio Editor 1.1.93 English

Record audio and edit it on the fly

Groovepad 1.5.1 English
Groovepad 1.5.1

Produce your own music

BandLab 9.16.1 English
BandLab 9.16.1

Make music on your Android

Remixlive 5.1.1 English
Remixlive 5.1.1

Easily create your own powerhouse tunes

Metronome Beats 4.6.0 English

A tool for practising rhythm and speed

DJ Mix Pad 2.1.1 English
DJ Mix Pad 2.1.1

Create music with this drum box for Android

Timbre 3.1.5 English
Timbre 3.1.5

Cut, convert and unite audio and video files

Drum Pad Machine 2.7.1 English

A beatbox on your smartphone

WaveEditor 1.83 English

Record and edit your own audios

MixPads 7.13.1 English
MixPads 7.13.1

Become an electronic music DJ

Caustic 3 3.2.0 English
Caustic 3 3.2.0

A complete application to create music rhythms

DJ Loop Pads 3.9.19 English
DJ Loop Pads 3.9.19

Put together rhythms and bases for your songs

PocketBand 3.7.2 English
PocketBand 3.7.2

A very social audio sequencer