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Moises is a fantastic and intuitive mobile music tool with which users can isolate each instrument and the vocals of a song into individual tracks


Separate instruments and vocals tracks in a song

March 10, 2023
8 / 10

Songs are created by combining different melodies and tracks created with various instruments and voices. Downloading the APK file of this fantastic app and separate all tracks by type of instrument to rehearse, learn, mix songs, and even set up a karaoke.

Raise your musical creativity and practice.

Rehearse, karaoke, create musical mixes, and much more.

Moises is a handy musical tool for users to split any song into instruments and vocal tracks. Moises has three modes:

  • Two tracks: voice and instruments.
  • Four tracks: voice, percussion, bass, and others.
  • Five tracks: voice, percussion, bass, keyboard, and others.

This last option is only available in the premium version. Simply let the app work its magic for a few moments. Once the audio is processed, the system automatically separates the song's tracks to isolate the instruments from the voice.

It isolates or extracts the vocals and instruments from any song.

In this way, you can change the volume of each track or instrument and even mute it from the mixing desk. You also have several tools to modify the pitch, detect AI chords, change the speed, cut fragments and activate the metronome, among other possibilities.

You can use this platform for different purposes. For example, to rehearse, study music, or compose a song mix. And you can even set up karaoke to sing your favorite songs after removing the singer's voice.

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