The best apps to record audio, calls and edit voice

If you’re looking for an app to edit audio, record calls and audios or change your voice to make it sound different, take a look at our selection of sound recorders and modifiers

Evil Operator 1.252 English

Play phone pranks and record your calls

Female Voice Changer 1.3 English

Distort your voice with female tones

callX 8.9 English
callX 8.9

Record all your phone calls

Narrator's Voice 7.9.43 English

Convert any text into audio

FlipLip Voice Changer 1.2.5 English

Choose a voice for each situation

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder 2.9.0 English

Comfortable live audio recorder

Sony Audio Recorder 2.01.42 English

Sony's official application to record audio

WO Mic 4.6.2 English
WO Mic 4.6.2

Turn your smartphone into a microphone for your PC or Mac

Quality Voice Recorder 49 English

A really complete voice recorder

Easy Voice Recorder 2.7.5 English

The best audio recorder for Android

RecForge II English
RecForge II

A comprehensive audio recorder

AutoRap by Smule 2.9.3 English

Become a rap expert

Cube ACR 2.3.196 English
Cube ACR 2.3.196

Record the calls on your Android

Samsung Voice Recorder English

The voice recorder developed by Samsung

Google Recorder 1.1.289058594 English
Google Recorder 1.1.289058594

The Google Pixel recording app

CallRec 3.6.6 English
CallRec 3.6.6

Record calls and conversations

Automatic Call Recorder 6.13 English

Record calls on Android

Robot Voice Changer 34 English

Apply different effects to your voice

Voice changer with effects 3.7.7 English

Apply different sound effects to your voice

MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice 1.3 English

Record phone calls and voices

Dolby On English
Dolby On

Record audio with your Android and get the best quality

Spreaker Studio 1.16.7 English

Record your podcasts with this application

Anchor 3.66.0 English
Anchor 3.66.0

The app to create your own podcasts

VoiceFX 1.1.8 English
VoiceFX 1.1.8

Record and modify your voice with different effects

Voice Changer 1.1.35 English

Change your voice for others

ACR Call Recorder 33.4 English
ACR Call Recorder 33.4

Software to record calls

Smart Recorder 1.11.1 English

Simple and convenient audio recorder for Android

Voice Notes 9.10.4 English
Voice Notes 9.10.4

Voice memos and dictation, two in one

VoiceBox 1.1.9 English
VoiceBox 1.1.9

Record funny videos switching your voice with the voices of celebrities

Parrot Voice Recorder 3.7.4 English

Full voice recorder for Android

RMC ACR 6.85 English
RMC ACR 6.85

Record incoming and outgoing calls

Idiotizer Pro 1.3 English
Idiotizer Pro 1.3

Record yourself looking like a complete idiot