A Spotify code is a visual system that uniquely identifies Spotify profiles, tracks, albums, or any other Spotify item. To understand how they work, they can be compared to QR codes. However, Spotify's codes come with a design more in line with the service they represent, based on the shape of audio waves.

What exactly are they used for? Spotify Codes let users quickly share with others the content included in the database of the application. On the other hand, they are also very practical to facilitate your profile to another person. You should know that Spotify codes are not sent via social networks or messaging applications. Rather, it is necessary for the user who is going to share content to show it on the screen of the phone, being scanned by a second user using another device.

How to view your Spotify profile QR code

Now that you know what Spotify Codes are, it is time to analyze how they work. First, we focus on the code corresponding to each profile. Where to find it for you?

Simply tap on Your Library, and then, on your account avatar.

Open your personal profile on SpotifyOpen your personal profile on Spotify

Use the first link where you will see the list of options to access your personal Spotify profile.

View all the details of your Spotify profileView all the details of your Spotify profile

Then, tap on the button with the three vertical dots where you will see in the upper right corner.

Open additional profile optionsOpen additional profile options

The Spotify code linking to your profile will appear on the screen.

Share the code with another userShare the code with another user

Show it to another user to directly access and view your public lists on its cellphone.

How to view the QR code of an artist or a song

The method is similar if you want to share a page of an artist or a specific song with another person. In the first case, tap on the three vertical dots you will see in the header.

Open the options for an artistOpen the options for an artist

The corresponding artist code will be generated and displayed on the screen.

Share the artist code with other usersShare the artist code with other users

In the case of songs, it is also necessary to tap on the three dots button, either from a list, an album, or the playback screen.

Share a song code while playingShare a song code while playing

The song code will appear as usual, above the track-related options.

Spotify code for a songSpotify code for a song

You can repeat this procedure with any other Spotify item, such as a playlist or a podcast. For each of these contents, the steps to view the associated code are the same.

How to scan a Spotify code from its official application

Now, you know the right way to view your profile or song code in Spotify. However, you are probably wondering what you need to do to scan it. It is as simple as opening the search section.

Open the search menuOpen the search menu

Then, tap in the upper text field and tap on the camera icon.

Scan a Spotify codeScan a Spotify code

Scan the code to access the corresponding profile or artist page. Conversely, if you scan items such as songs, albums, or episodes of a podcast, playback will start automatically.