Without a doubt, one of the best WhatsApp MODs is WhatsApp Plus APK. However, this does not mean that we do not have high-quality alternatives that offer features at the level of this one. In this guide, we will give you a list of the best Mods you can find that have little or nothing to envy to WhatsApp Plus, highlighting the more attractive features of each one.

The best alternatives to WhatsApp Plus in 2024

  • GBWhatsApp
  • JTWhatsApp
  • MBWhatsApp
  • YOWhatsApp
  • FMWhatsApp
  • Fouad iOS WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Aero
  • GBWhatsApp Pro
  • NSWhatsApp

These are the main options you should consider if you want to switch WhatsApp Plus for another MOD:

GBWhatsApp, a way to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time

GBWhatsApp interface screenshotsGBWhatsApp interface screenshots

If we take a quick look at GBWhatsApp, we might think that installing it was a waste of time: it is no different in any way from the original version at first glance. However, as we use it, we will realize this app offers much more than it seems.

To begin with, GBWhatsApp lets you use up to two different accounts on the same device. Yes, you will need a second phone turned on with the other phone number to receive the verification, but you will not need it after that.

Finally, GBWhatsApp has many privacy options hidden in the nooks and crannies of the app. If we enter the submenus of the app (either from the chat list or inside a specific one), we will find some of them, and we will notice that we can become almost invisible even while online.

JTWhatsApp, JiMODs' alternative

WhatsApp+ JiMODs interface screenshotsWhatsApp+ JiMODs interface screenshots

WhatsApp Plus JiMODs, also known as JTWhatsApp, is another great alternative to WhatsApp Plus. This is one of the most popular choices among users looking for even more colorful customization options. Its most outstanding features include viewing deleted messages and statuses, pinning more conversations and messages than in the official version, and endless fonts and styles to customize the app's interface to your liking.

Another remarkable feature of the WhatsApp MOD developed by JiMODs (the same developer behind other popular MODs for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, X (Twitter), Telegram, and many other social media apps) is how easy it is to share all kinds of files, including multimedia ones. Moreover, we must highlight its function to share music in one tap.

MBWhatsApp, a new skin, and two simultaneous accounts

MBWhatsApp interface screenshotsMBWhatsApp interface screenshots

The MBWhatsApp MOD is here to solve one of the most frequent needs of many WhatsApp users: using two user accounts simultaneously on a single phone. This app allows us to do so effortlessly while bringing other convenient and visually striking features, among which we can highlight the complete overhaul of the messaging app interface. This new interface is far more attractive than the sober and kind of dull original one.

But the new interface this MOD offers not only serves to make the app more visually appealing, but it also serves to better accommodate new functions such as new privacy and security features, app settings, multimedia files sending options, management of chats with contacts, groups and communities options, navigation style, and Instagram-like statuses. This is certainly an attractive option for those who want a new chatting experience while using WhatsApp.

YOWhatsApp, the source of many MODs

YOWhatsApp interface screenshotsYOWhatsApp interface screenshots

YOWhatsApp is a MOD created by Yousef Al-Basha. This is also the best-known MOD from a different development line that does not include GBWhatsApp or OGWhatsApp. While the chats, status, and calls sections are identical to the ones in the official app, the options menus were redesigned and reorganized. You will also find the themes repository seen in other MODs.

In short, this app is ideal for those looking for something lighter and less cluttered. It is also updated frequently, which partly ensures that it works as intended and helps avoid WhatsApp bans, although one can never be 100% safe when using MODs.

FMWhatsApp, the AlexMods alternative

FMWhatsApp interface screenshotsFMWhatsApp interface screenshots

This is a MOD very similar to the others on this list. Its interface mixes the official one in the chat windows with the YOWhatsApp look and feel in the settings menu. Also, its customization and privacy options are on the same level as the best MODs on this list, meaning you can hide your status or install new themes from the same repository used by almost all other MODs.

However, the most interesting feature of FMWhatsApp is, perhaps, that it is developed by another user, meaning the update times are not the same as AlexMods' MODs. It also features an airplane mode integrated into the Chats tab that lets you "turn off" conversations without affecting the Internet connection of the other apps in your smartphone and a renewed camera design.

Fouad iOS WhatsApp, a door to the world of iPhone

Fouad iOS WhatsApp interface screenshotsFouad iOS WhatsApp interface screenshots

This innovative MOD not only stands out for its graphical interface inspired by WhatsApp for iOS but also because it delves into essential aspects such as chat management, privacy, security, and customization through themes that go beyond the mere aesthetic change. Fouad iOS WhatsApp is an attractive alternative for those looking to get the most out of WhatsApp, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Its main features include advanced privacy and security functions, such as locking the application and chats, disabling statuses, and preventing other users from deleting messages. In addition, it has a varied collection of themes for the interface, allowing the customization of various modules. It also stands out for sending and receiving high-quality images and offering the option to create Instagram-style avatars.

WhatsApp Aero, a step above in customization

WhatsApp Aero interface screenshotsWhatsApp Aero interface screenshots

Another WhatsApp mod that works well is WhatsApp Aero, also known as AeroWhatsApp. Like most of the apps on this list, it focuses on minor tweaks that improve the usability of the official app, focusing on what its developers call "removing the limitations" of WhatsApp. As always, these improvements mainly affect and improve the user's privacy and the customization options.

The latter is where we find the strong point of WhatsApp Aero. Among its main features, we must highlight the possibility of downloading over 3,000 different themes to change the messaging app interface and make it more colorful. In addition, you will find the colorphone themes (which offer attractive, dynamic effects for our chats) and the option to create our own themes.

GBWhatsApp Pro, a WhatsApp for the pros

GBWhatsApp Pro interface screenshotsGBWhatsApp Pro interface screenshots

Inspired by the popular GBWhatsApp MOD, this version further expands the functions of the official application. It has amazing options for both WhatsApp MOD newbies and experienced users who want to take the WhatsApp user experience to the next level.

GBWhatsApp Pro is a modified version that keeps the standard features of the official WhatsApp app. However, it also brings additional features regarding customization, privacy control, and file sending. Like most of its competitors, it includes tools for automating responses and scheduling messages.

NSWhatsApp, the most rebellious of them all

NSWhatsApp interface screenshotsNSWhatsApp interface screenshots

NSWhatsApp for Android is another interesting option in the ever-expanding world of MODs for WhatsApp. It provides users with exclusive functions and features that are absent in the official version of the application. Although these improvements do not radically transform WhatsApp's usability, especially when compared to other MODs, they let you interact with your contacts comfortably and privately.

Some of the most outstanding features of NSWhatsApp include a very eye-catching interface with elements highlighted in a bright red color (which adds a distinctive touch to the user experience) and the ability to automatically reply to messages when the user is unavailable (which is an incredibly convenient feature). In addition, it comes with new administration options for WhatsApp groups, allowing for more efficient management.