As has been usual for a few months now, the WhatsApp Plus 2023 version available at Malavida is a development made by HeyMods. These developers are now in charge of updating one of the most popular MODs of this messaging client. Let's keep in mind that this is not an official development and there are multiple developers working in parallel on different versions of WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus developers update it frequently and fix bugs at the same time. These are the latest additions, but upcoming updates are already being discussed. We will have to be patient and wait to see what new features are introduced in the app.

New features added in the latest update of WhatsApp Plus v19

In early January 2023, HeyMods developers released the newest version of their famous WhatsApp MOD, version 19. These are the main new features included:

  • Latest version of WhatsApp Plus is built on top of of the official WhatsApp version.
  • It updates to Anti-Ban feature that prevents the user from being banned from the service.
  • A direct translation button is added inside the message box. One tap selects the language and with a long tap, you can change it.
  • New file attachment options are added: Hangouts, Hangouts V2, WAMOD, Dribble, and Dribble V2.
  • An option for direct translation is added. It is located in the FMMods menu > Conversation > Input style > Translate.
  • The function to send messages to yourself is enabled so you can save them as notes.
  • Forwarding of multimedia files with captions is enabled.
  • New user interface is available in the Camera tab.
  • Voice notes can now be posted as status.

In addition to all this, we should add the new features introduced in previous versions, which are groundbreaking when compared to the official WhatsApp client and other MODs for Android:

  • Hide Chats function. Now, you can hide chats in the list and access them by tapping on "WhatsApp" on the home screen of the app to access them.
  • Stories bar in the Home Screen (you must activate it from Settings>Home Screen>Header).
  • Friend locator function.
  • Video chats with up to 8 people with stickers, effects, and filters applied in real time.
  • Possibility to hide the viewed statuses, recent statuses, and muted statuses section in the list of stories.
  • Function in the menu to restart the application and its operation.
  • Ability to forward content in up to 300 conversations.
  • Option to archive chats is available in the three points menu.
  • Add contacts by scanning a barcode.
  • Function to save profile pictures.
  • Photo stickers, including Gif2Stickers.
  • Enhanced customization theme preview.
  • Stories limits are set at 5 minutes for videos and 250 characters for text.
  • Multimedia upload limits increase to 200MB for videos and 100Mpx for photos, with the ability to send up to 1,000 files at a time.
  • Capability of backing up and restoring from Mega and Dropbox.
  • Broadcast functions for scheduling and sending broadcast messages.
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) mode to use the app in airplane mode without receiving or sending messages.
  • In-app store from where you can download dynamic themes.
  • Ability to send self-destructing private messages after they have been read.
  • Privacy and security features that protect our visibility in the app.
  • DIY Theme to create custom themes that can be shared with friends.
  • Automatic message translation function.
  • Contact location option.
  • The interface includes a drawing tool.
  • Enables the destruction of temporary messages after 90 days.