The best music players for Android

Discover the best apps to play and listen to songs and audio on your smartphone or tablet thanks to our category of music players for Android devices

Poweramp build-939 English
Poweramp build-939

Powerful audio player for Android

Samsung Music English
Samsung Music

Music player optimized for Samsung devices

Lark Player 5.31.71 English
Lark Player 5.31.71

Free online music player

AIMP 3.22.1198 English
AIMP 3.22.1198

A lightweight, full-featured audio player

Winamp 1.4.15 English
Winamp 1.4.15

A classic music player

Huawei Music English
Huawei Music

Huawei's music player

Ares MP3 Music Player 1.0 English

Very basic music player for Android

Equalizer FX 3.4.6 English

Equalizer to improve the audio quality of an Android device

Sony Music 9.4.10.A.0.9 English
Sony Music 9.4.10.A.0.9

Sony's music player

Samsung SoundAlive 9.4.70 English

Launch the Samsung sound on external speakers

Avee Music Player Pro 1.2.129 English

Lightweight music player

Mi Music English
Mi Music

The music player for Xiaomi

Stellio Player 6.4.2 English

Stylish music player for Android

Neutron Music Player 2.10.0 English

High-quality audio player

jetAudio 11.0.1 English
jetAudio 11.0.1

A user-friendly and enhanced music player

LISTENit 1.6.88_ww English
LISTENit 1.6.88_ww

Listen to your fave tunes on this simple but complete player

PlayerPro 4.71 English
PlayerPro 4.71

An efficient music player for Android

Default Music Player 7.0.27 English

An uncomplicated music player for Android

n7player 3.1.2-287 English
n7player 3.1.2-287

Attractive and simple music player

Phonograph 1.3.3 English
Phonograph 1.3.3

Appealing music player

Musicolet 6.2.347 English
Musicolet 6.2.347

A music player that is small, but tough

Equalizer+ 2.19.03 English
Equalizer+ 2.19.03

Music player and equalizer all in one

AndroPods 1.5.15 English
AndroPods 1.5.15

Use your AirPods on your Android

MusicPiped 2.1.7 English
MusicPiped 2.1.7

Free online music player

KuGou 10.7.8 English
KuGou 10.7.8

Tencent's online music service

Music Player Master 1.0.3 English

Music player for Android

Onkyo HF Player 2.9.1 English

High-Res music player

Apollo 1.1 English
Apollo 1.1

The music player that suits your Android the best

Music Player 5.6.0 English

An MP3 player for Android

Equalizer 4.0.5 English
Equalizer 4.0.5

Improve the sound quality of your Android

MP3 Player 2.5 English

Play music in MP3 and other formats

Boom Music Player 2.6.5 English

Get the best sound for the music you play on Android

Equalizer Music Player 4.2.2 English

Powerful, full-featured music player with built-in equalizer

360 Music Player 1.0 English

MP3 music player for Android

MediaMonkey English

Music playback and organization

Headphones Equalizer 2.3.188 English

A complete sound equalizer for headphones

AmpDroid 1.0.3 English
AmpDroid 1.0.3

Simple music player for Android

Shuttle Music Player 2.0.17 English

Try out a lightweight music player

Pi Music Player English

Complete music player for Android

Equalizer & Bass Booster 1.7.4 English

Enjoy excellent sound quality on your Android