Music Players for Android

Listen to your favorite music in almost any format thanks to these music players for Android, with which you can turn your phone into a Hi-Fi system

Ares MP3 Music Player 1.0 English

Very basic music player for Android

GO Music PLUS - Free Music, Themes, MP3 Player 1.6.2 English

A music player that intends to be more than that

MIUI Music Player 3.0.10 English

The music player designed for MIUI

Winamp 1.4.15 English
Winamp 1.4.15

One of the best music players on your smartphone

360 Music Player 1.0 English

MP3 music player for Android

Music Player Master 1.0.3 English

Music player for Android

Musicall 1.8 English

Play music while you call

GO Music Player - Mp3 Player 3.0.2 English

Excellent music player for Android

Ares Music Player 1.0 English

A very basic music player

Playlist Maker 1.0 English

Very basic audio player

Apollo 1.1 English
Apollo 1.1

The music player that suits your Android the best

AIMP 2.70.540 English
AIMP 2.70.540

Ligtweight version of this popular audio player

Samsung Music English
Samsung Music

Music player optimized for Samsung devices

iMusic Player: Unlimited Music 2.3.2017.5.0 English

Audio player for Android

Phonograph 1.0.0 English
Phonograph 1.0.0

Appealing music player

Music Player 2.8.7 English

A versatile and simple audio player

Ares Music MP3 Player 1.0 English

MP3 music player for Android smartphones and tablets

Poweramp 2.0.10 English
Poweramp 2.0.10

Powerful audio player

AudioBox 0.9.22 English
AudioBox 0.9.22

Play your music from SkyDrive, Dropbox or SoundCloud

doubleTwist 3.1.7 English

Everything you need to play your music

Pocket Casts 6.4.13 English
Pocket Casts 6.4.13

The best podcast player for Android

Tube MP3 Player 1.9 English

Music player for Android

MP3 Player 2.5 English

Play music in MP3 and other formats

Lark Player - YouTube Music & Free MP3 Top Player APK 2.8.6 English

Free online music player

Equalizer 4.0.5 English
Equalizer 4.0.5

Improve the quality of the sound on your Android device

musiXmatch 7.0.7 English
musiXmatch 7.0.7

Play the lyrics of your favourite songs

n7player 3.0.8 English
n7player 3.0.8

Attractive music player

beat 2.4.0 English
beat 2.4.0

Music playback integrated into Android

FlipBeats 1.1.18 English
FlipBeats 1.1.18

The best music player for Android

MediaMonkey English

Music playback and organization

Equalizer+ 2.8.0 English
Equalizer+ 2.8.0

Music player and equalizer all in one

Lyrics Mania 3.3.8 English

Find the lyrics of the songs you listen to

AmpMe 7.3.2 English
AmpMe 7.3.2

Create a network of speakers with other smartphones and tablets

PlayerPro 4.71 English
PlayerPro 4.71

An efficient music player for Android

Free Music 1.11 English

Music player for SoundCloud

Pi Music Player English

Complete music player for Android

mp3 music download player 1.2.7 English

Simple music player