The best apps to learn and write music on Android

Are you starting off in the world of music and you want to know its notation and how to write? Then take note of this list of Android applications to learn and write music

Songsterr 4.3.29 English
Songsterr 4.3.29

Learn to play thousands of songs on your guitar

MuseScore 2.12.06 English
MuseScore 2.12.06

Thousands of scores and different kinds of instruments

Ultimate Guitar 6.11.27 English

Discover thousands of chords for playing the guitar

Perfect Piano 7.6.8 English

Learn to play the piano on your mobile

Walk Band 7.5.3 English
Walk Band 7.5.3

Play several instruments in the same app

Real Guitar Free 3.39.1 English

An application to learn how to play the guitar

Simply Piano 7.6.5 English

Lean to play the piano with this app

BACKTRACKIT 9.7.6 English

An application to help you improve your musician skills

Real Piano 1.20 English

Play the piano on your Android

Guitar Tuner GuitarTuna 7.6.1 English

Efficient guitar tuner for Android devices

Chord AI 2.0.22 English
Chord AI 2.0.22

Get the chords of any song

Songify 1.0.9 English
Songify 1.0.9

Turn any voice note into a song

Piano 1.68.1 English
Piano 1.68.1

Play the piano like the angels

Voice Training 144 English

Learn to sing and improve your skills

gStrings 2.3.3 English
gStrings 2.3.3

A guitar tuner on your mobile

Sing Sharp 2.2 English

Learn to sing with all these musical resources

QuickLyric 3.9.1b English
QuickLyric 3.9.1b

An app to automatically search for song lyrics

My Guitar 2.1 English

Guitar simulator for Android

Classic Drum 8.0.0 English

Play the drums on your phone

Drumate 3.0 English
Drumate 3.0

Exercises for practicing your drumming abilities

Pianist HD 20171010 English
Pianist HD 20171010

Virtual piano keyboard for Android

Yousician 4.51.0 English
Yousician 4.51.0

Learn to sing and play several instruments

flowkey 2.34.7 English
flowkey 2.34.7

Learn to play the piano with a virtual teacher

Zampoña 2.4 English

The Android version of the Andean panpipe

Pro Guitar Tuner 4.0.18 English

Useful app for tuning the guitar with Android

Guitar 3D 1.2.4 English
Guitar 3D 1.2.4

Do you want to learn to play basic guitar chords?

Real Piano Teacher 6.9 English

Practice the piano on your Android

Perfect Ear 3.9.15 English
Perfect Ear 3.9.15

All sorts of music exercises in your pocket

Rock Music 1.12 English

All the rock you can imagine, right on your Android

Kids Stories - Nursery Rhymes 3.0.1 English

A complete collection of nursery rhymes

NoteTeacher 4.12 English

The easiest way to learn sight-reading

Super Drum 4.3.4 English
Super Drum 4.3.4

Turn your mobile into a drum kit

Solfa 1.0.6 English
Solfa 1.0.6

Learn how to read a musical score

Simple Drums 2.4.2 English

Turn your Android into a battery

Band Live Rock 4.3.9 English

Compose and play music using a range of instruments

smartChord 7.13 English

The app every musician should have on their Android

Jamendo Music 3.4.2 English

Platform for online music under a Creative Commons license

Whatlisten 2.1.7 English
Whatlisten 2.1.7

Download and listen to music with this cute player

Learn to Sing 2.3.7 English

Learn to sing without the need to know solfège

Drums Sheet Reading 1.0.40 English

Learn how to play drums with your cell phone