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If you always wanted to learn to play your mother's guitar and you don’t know where to start, the Android app Coach Guitar makes it very easy for you

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Guitar Hero has taught us that everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, is able to play the guitar. A very simplified version of the guitar, but a guitar after all. This application is based superficially in those games so that we learn to play a real guitar.

Coach Guitar is a new and incredible way to learn to play the guitar with only five colors.

A guitar private tutor in your Android

This virtual teaching application uses a simple color code (in the style of the Guitar Hero saga), associating a color to each finger so that you learn to grab and play the guitar without the need to study the wearisome theory. Don't worry if you are a rookie since through simple videos and imitation you will discover how to hold the instrument and the pick correctly, where to put your fingers or the position of the wrist.

These videos are amazing, as they will show you in only one tab how to slide the pick through the strings, how to place the fingers between the fret of the neck to produce each chord and which chords you should play, one by one. It will be difficult at first, but you will gradually grasp the skill and caught the bug of music.

As you learn in Coach Guitar you will be able to buy songs of different complexity (most of them for a reasonable price) to learn to play them. In the store you will find modern and classic songs for every taste and divided into categories:

  • New.
  • Hits.
  • Levels.
  • Artists.
  • Genres.
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María Eugenia Morón
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