Cleaners and Optimizers for Mac

Delete from your Mac all the unnecessary and junk files that make your computer run slower than usual thanks to these cleaners and optimizers

CleanMyMac X 4.4.4 English
CleanMyMac X 4.4.4

Improve and optimize the performance of macOS

Dr. Cleaner 3.2.1 English

Clean your disk and optimize your computer's memory

App Cleaner & Uninstaller 6.4 English

App uninstaller for Mac

CCleaner 1.16.573 English
CCleaner 1.16.573

Version for Mac of this optimization tool

iDoctor 2.1 English
iDoctor 2.1

First aid for Mac

MacCleaning 1.0 English

Maintain your Mac in optimum conditions

AppZapper 2.0.2 English
AppZapper 2.0.2

Use 'drag and drop' to delete programs

AppCleaner 3.5 English

Manage to completely uninstall programs

AppDelete 4.3.3 English
AppDelete 4.3.3

Completely uninstall the apps on your Mac

MacKeeper 4.6.2 English
MacKeeper 4.6.2

Clean and protect your Mac

PhoneClean 5.3.1 English
PhoneClean 5.3.1

iPhone cleaner and optimizer for Mac

MacClean 3.4.0 English
MacClean 3.4.0

Clean and optimize Mac reinforcing your privacy

OnyX 3.4.8 English
OnyX 3.4.8

The multipurpose tool for your Mac's maintenance

Duplicate Sweeper 1.87 English

Software to delete duplicate files

iMyfone Umate English
iMyfone Umate

Solve storage problems on iOS

iTrash 4.2.1 English
iTrash 4.2.1

Complete application uninstaller for Mac

MacTuneUp 3.6.1 English
MacTuneUp 3.6.1

Optimize your Mac in only a few minutes

AppFresh 0.9 English

Keep all your applications updated

MacBooster 7 English

Make your Mac faster and safer

Rember 0.3.7b English
Rember 0.3.7b

Graphical interface for memtest

Hazel 4.3.5 English
Hazel 4.3.5

The tool to make sure that your Mac is always clean

AppleJack 1.6 English

Tools to fix various errors on Mac OS X

TrashMe 2.1.21 English
TrashMe 2.1.21

Uninstall program from your Mac without leaving any trace

MacPilot 10.15.0 English
MacPilot 10.15.0

Clean your Mac inside and out

Magican 1.4.8 English
Magican 1.4.8

Maintain your Mac in the best conditions

MacCleanse 8.0 English

Speed up your computer and keep it in perfect conditions

MainMenu 3.5.2 English
MainMenu 3.5.2

Optimization tool for Mac computers

Amnesia 1.4.5 English
Amnesia 1.4.5

Don't leave any traces when you uninstall your applications

Xslimmer 1.9.4 English
Xslimmer 1.9.4

Reduce the space occupied by the applications installed on your Mac

Monolingual 1.8.2 English

Remove all the languages you don't use

AppTrap 1.2.3 English
AppTrap 1.2.3

Remove the files associated with applications that you don't use anymore

Cocktail 12.3 English
Cocktail 12.3

Keep your Mac in great conditions