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10.12.5 macOS Sierra incorporates the latest Apple updates for its operating system for desktop and laptop computers that brings them closer to mobile devices
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The operating system previously known as OS X is now called macOS and its thirteenth version, 10.12, can now be downloaded to Mac servers, desktop and laptop computers. This newest version is called macOS Sierra in line with Apple's tradition to give their operating systems' names of geographical locations in California.

The new features of what should have been OS X 10.12

El Capitan's replacement comes along with new features focused on updating the environment of Apple's computers, trying to improve the user experience. It intends to enhance the synchronization with mobile devices such as iPhone, Apple Watches and iPads, as well as with services like iCloud. We also have to point out the arrival of Siri, the personal assistant that was already present on iOS.

The new version of the operating system of Apple computers want to bring closer all the company's devices.

Main features

  • Siri assistant to send reminders, search on the Internet or in Finder, check the weather... All in all, the same functions as on an iPhone.
  • Auto Unlock to lock and unlock your computer remotely with your Apple Watch.
  • Universal clipboard that allows us to share images, video or text with our iPhone, or the other way around, from our iPhone to our computer.
  • Apple Pay integrated into Safari to make web payments.
  • Document sharing through iCloud.
  • Better file organization to optimize our hard drive storage.
  • New version of Apple Music.
  • Tab system built into the applications.
  • Function to drag images within images without losing sight of anything while we carry out other tasks.

These are the main updates in the new version of macOS, which is based on previous versions of the operating system and that you can now download and use on your Apple computer if it's newer than 2013.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a Mac from 2013 or later.
  • Minimum operating system requirements: OS X 10.7.5.
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