Education and Leisure Software for Mac

Education and leisure software offers you different possibilities to make the most of your free time, spending it on your favorite hobbies or learning

MATLAB R2018a English

The most renowned maths software in the world

MathType 6.7e English
MathType 6.7e

Equation editor

Mathematica English

Computational software for Mac

Tux Typing 1.5.17 English
Tux Typing 1.5.17

Learn typewriting while playing

EndNote X8.1 English
EndNote X8.1

Complete bibliographic manager for Mac

Maple 2018.1 Update English
Maple 2018.1 Update

Advanced maths calculation software

Scilab 5.4.1 English
Scilab 5.4.1

Advanced maths calculation platform

GeoGebra 5.0.321 English
GeoGebra 5.0.321

The most entertaining and easy way to learn maths

Voice Candy 1.5.1 English

Create reminders with Darth Vader's voice

LabVIEW 2013 English
LabVIEW 2013

Efficient and sturdy tool to control and develop electronic systems

GPSBabel 1.5.4 English
GPSBabel 1.5.4

Display GPS data and convert their formats

TrailRunner 3.7.675 English
TrailRunner 3.7.675

Route planner for outdoor sports

Language Learning Center 1.9 English

Learn languages like a kid

Model ChemLab 4.01 English

A chemistry lab at home

Stellarium English

Access your own planetarium from your computer

Yum 4.0.4 English
Yum 4.0.4

Organize your recipes as efficiently as possible

YummySoup! 2.4 English

A very appealing recipe manager

SousChef 1.5.4 English
SousChef 1.5.4

A digital kitchen hand to help you cook

eMaps 3.4.3 English
eMaps 3.4.3

View Google Maps from the desktop

Google Earth English
Google Earth

Discover a new way to see Earth

Ortelius 1.1.3 English
Ortelius 1.1.3

Simple and powerful cartography program for Mac

BeerAlchemy 1.8.26 English
BeerAlchemy 1.8.26

Now you can brew your own beer

Kairon 3.6 English
Kairon 3.6

A program for all astrology lovers

iSMARTtrain 3.0.9 English

Athlete support software

MacSpice 3f5 2.10.29 English
MacSpice 3f5 2.10.29

Simulate the behavior of your circuits

Magic Number Machine 1.0.30 English

Advanced calculator

Translate'em 1.0 English

Simple translator with support for more than 50 different languages

aTypeTrainer4Mac 2.2 English

Learn how to write faster

Meteorologist 1.6.1 English

Find out the weather forecast for your city

GNS3 English

Design a network and simulate how it works

Adze 1.3.5 English
Adze 1.3.5

GPX file editor and viewer

Terrabrowser 1.5 Beta 3 English
Terrabrowser 1.5 Beta 3

Satellite and topographic views of the data from your GPS

Earth Explorer 6.1 English

Enjoy the Earth globe on your computer

1-Click Answers 1.0 English

An encylopedia at the click of a mouse

McCAD EDA Tools Lite English
McCAD EDA Tools Lite

Design and simulate PCBs on your Mac

Celestia 1.6.1 English
Celestia 1.6.1

Travel around the universe in 3D

Octave Forge 3.8.0 English

Tools to work with GNU Octave

CompeGPS Land 7.6.5 English

Work with maps and GPS data

Asteroid Data Hunter 1.0 English

Help the NASA to locate asteroids

i-Doser 5.3 English
i-Doser 5.3

Drugs on your computer, the only thing you needed