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Google Earth is developed by Google and it allows the possibility to see the world from your computer. Download Google Earth, it will be your best ticket

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Google Earth is a program developed by Google, the most influential company in the Internet world, thanks to which you can cover the full world without leaving your house by means of a 3D interface, worthy of the more modern video games or the best animation films.

  The application will show the world globe, it will be up to you to be able to get nearer to the place of your choice, with the possibility to view cities in 3 dimensions, explore the bottom of the most important oceans or visually move around museums and exhibitions anywhere around the world.

  Furthermore, you'll be able to view the images uploaded by other users and upload your own, with the objective of obtaining the maximum level of detail about any street, monument or building in the world.

  Other appealing features of the program are the option to move around the Moon or the nearest planet, Mars, only being necessary to use your mouse to learn their geography.

  If you want to visit all the world without having to leave your house, don't think about it any more, and download Google Earth as soon as possible.
Requirements and additional information:
The program requires that you have active Internet connection to be installed and work properly. It only works on Mac OS X 10.5 or above.
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