Download aTypeTrainer4Mac free, a typing tutor for Mac. Learn how to type much quicker, improve your skill when using the keyboard with aTypeTrainer4Mac


Learn how to write faster

December 13, 2023
7 / 10

Improve your typing skills thanks to aTypeTrainer4Mac. This complete tutor will offer your all the exercises necessary to improve your typing capacity with the keyboard, making you do so with greater ease and speed.


  • Multilanguage tutor to improve your typing level. Change between different language layers from the application.
  • 30 difficultly levels.
  • Import text from websites opened with Safari or Firefox, from RTF documents or even from emails.
  • Includes a metronome and different speeds.
  • Prioritize between the amount of strokes, quality and precision to value your evolution.
  • Obtain all kinds of statistical data about the tests you complete with the number of features and words per minute.

Practice makes perfect

The learning system is basic, because you'll simply have to follow the random indications that the program chooses the user to press, unless one of the options available to import text from a website or document is used.

Download aTypeTrainer4Mac for free and learn to type quicker thanks to its tutored typing system.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires Mac OS X 10.4 or above.
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