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Updating the maps of a Garmin GPS is simple thanks to Garmin Express, the official macOS app for users of these geolocation and geopositioning devices


Update and manage your maps with this software

February 23, 2021
9 / 10

There are many users out there that need a GPS that prefer not to use their phones in order to save battery and data, and would rather install Garmin hardware in their vehicles. Garmin Express is the official application of Garmin GPS, the functionality of which is to update its maps. With this tool, you can view all the information corresponding to your GPS, such as the series number, version or a guide or user manual. Furthermore, it also creates and transfers a file with all your favorite addresses.

Main features

  • Update maps.
  • Load activities on Garmin Connect.
  • Register your products.
  • Update maps of golf courses.

How to use Garmin Express?

The update process can be reduced to three simple steps: first, we have to install the latest version of the software, connect the GPS to our computer through a USB cable, wait for Garmin Express to detect the GPS, search for updates, and install them. The application will first try to install its software updates and will then move onto map packages compatible with that model in question.

Just like in all cases that involve official applications, Garmin Express might have certain problems when it comes to connecting to your device and updating maps. You might be displayed a message saying the program can't connect to the service running in the background and it will shut down all of a sudden. Why? That's due to synchronization problems depending on the version installed or due to the absence of a WiFi connection. Check both things and try again.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires Mac OS X 10.10 or above.
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